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Introduction to Spanish and Spanish 1

Academic Year 2011-2012

Señorita Ramírez--Benjamin Stoddert Middle School, Room 117

Class website: https://sites.google.com/a/pgcps.org/senorita-ramirez-intro-to-spanish/home

Email: maria.ramirez@pgcps.orgTwitter: @SenoritaRamPhone: (301) 702-7500

Course Introduction

¡Bienvenidos! I am lucky to have you in my class this year and I am excited to get started. This year we will learn Spanish through a focus on language and cultureand a strong emphasis on listening, reading, writing, and speaking. We will learn Spanish keeping the following two statements in mind:

ØWe are global citizens who learn to help make the world a better place and who understand the value that learning a foreign language provides us.

ØWe are empowered students who take charge of our own education and who work respectfully and collaboratively in order to reach common learning goals.


It is required that students bring on a daily basis:

1.Looseleaf paper for notetaking

2.One (1) 3-ring binder (as required by Benjamin Stoddert Middle School) with a Spanish divider tab

3.At least two (2) sharpened pencils or two (2) black/ blue pens

4.One (1) red pen or pencil

It is highly recommended that students bring:

·One (1) dry erase marker of any color

·A package of markers, colored pencils or crayons for projects / assignments

Classroom Rules & Expectations

In order to be academically successful this year, we must respect ourselves, one another, and the classroom.Our expectations this year are based on the 4 P’s:

1.PROMPT: Be seated and silent at your assigned desk when the bell rights, and begin work on “¡Vamos!”

2.PREPARED:Bring the necessary supplies (listed above) every day.

3.POLITE: Use appropriate academic language-no put downs, teasing or swear words.Leave the room as you found it. Keep hands and objects to yourself.

4.PRODUCTIVE: Follow all directions the first time they are given. Use all your class time to improve your Spanish language skills!

**The class who displays these values most each month will earn a reward! (baked goods, movie in Spanish, game day)

World Language Grading Policy

35% Classwork (Attendance, Participation, Warm-Ups, Notes)

20% Homework (Will be given every night)

45% Assessments (Tests, Quizzes, Projects, Binder Checks)

Late Work: All late work must be turned in by the end of the unit. When a new unit begins, no late work from the previous unit is accepted.

·If homework is not turned in during the class period when it is due, it is considered late.Turning it in during lunch or after school is considered late.

·Late work without a parent/ doctor excuse will be downgraded 50%.

·Late work which is attached to a parent or doctor excuse (or copy of) will receive full credit.

Extra Credit:Extra credit is offered to students who have completed all their given work.

Classroom Policies & Procedures

In order to create the best learning environment possible where every student has the chance to succeed, we must follow certain policies and procedures.

1.ENTRY:Students should always enter the classroom before the bell rings and be in their desks by the time that the bell rings.Upon entering the classroom, students SILENTLY should take the following steps:

1.Enter the classroom.

2.Turn homework into the appropriate class turn-in bin on the communication table

3.Sit in assigned seat

4.Begin ¡Vamos! (Opening activity).

2.LATE ENTRY: Students who enter late should SILENTLY:

1.Open the door slowly.

2.Sign the tardy log on the communications table.

3.Turn homework into homework bin.

4.Place pass in Late Pass bin.

5.Walk from the back of the room to take assigned seat.

6.If there is time, complete ¡Vamos!If the ¡Vamos! is over, the student may not make it up.

7.Whisper to table partner to find out how to catch up with class.

3.HOMEWORK: Each homework assignment is worth 10 points. Students should complete homework on a separate piece of looseleaf paper.The paper should be labeled on the top (right or left) with the following:

·Student’s First and Last Name (Example: De’ja Smith)

·Student’s Day and Hour (Example: A-2)

·The date ( Example: 8/22/11)

·The name of the assignment/ exercise (Example:

** Mislabeled homework will drop the assignment one letter grade.

**Homework without a name will receive no credit.

4.USING THE RESTROOM:Students should take care of their personal needs between class periods.If it is an emergency, students may follow the procedure below:

·Raise hand during worktime only (not during note-taking time).

·If granted permission by Ms. Ramirez, students should silently make their way towards the communications table.

·Sign out in the “Bathroom/ Hall Pass” Log and take the “Baño Pass” from the wall.

·Use the restroom and return within five (5) minutes.

** Only one student at a time may use the restroom.

5.HALL PASSES: Students should arrive to class with all necessary supplies, as no locker passes will be written.Students are not permitted to leave the room without teacher permission.If Ms. Ramirez allows a student to leave the class

6.SPEAKING:Only one person should be speaking at any given time in the classroom, unless group work is taking place.If the teacher is speaking, students may share a comment or ask a question by raising his or her hand and waiting to be called on.Because we respect everyone’s opinion, we want to make sure each person is heard clearly.

7.GROUP WORK:Students will work in groups of 2-5 on a weekly basis.Unless otherwise notified, Ms. Ramirez will create the group.These groups will change frequently, and students must work within the group he or she is assigned.If a student refuses to work in an assigned group, he or she will be asked to call his or her parent on the spot or will be given a negative consequence.

8.TEST TAKING:When tests or quizzes are given, students must remain silent in order to allow their classmates to concentrate.Students will be given privacy folders to protect their answers.If students are talking or being disruptive during a test or quiz, they will receive a 10-point deduction from their final score and be asked to take the test in another classroom. If a student is caught cheating or giving answers, they will have their test taken from them with no opportunity to re-take it.

9.ABSENCE POLICY: As soon as a student knows that he will be absent for any reason, he or his parent should write Ms. Ramirez an email at maria.ramirez@pgcps.org.If Internet is not accessible, the parent or doctor should write a note to give Ms. Ramirez when he returns to school. This note should be stapled to any late homework and turned into the “Late Work” Box. Upon return to school, student should copy notes from a classmate or from the “While you were out” binder (on communication table). Be sure to check with a friend or on the class website (see top of syllabus) for missed homework. Please note, the STUDENT is responsible for seeking out the teacher for make up work.

10.FOOD AND DRINK: All food and drink (except water) is prohibited inside the classroom. Students who enter with food or drink will be asked to throw it away.

11.EXIT POLICY: When Ms. Ramirez asks students to prepare to leave:

1.Put away all personal supplies (writing utensil, paper, etc.)

2.Straighten desk into row or group where you found it at the beginning of class.

3.Check below and around your desk for scraps of paper/ garbage.Pick them up and hold them at your desk.

4.Sit silently in your desk and wait to be dismissed.

5.When dismissed by Ms. Ramirez (not the bell), stand to the side of your desk and calmly walk out of the classroom.

Positive Rewards

1.Class points for following 4 P’s

2.Boleto (reward ticket) which can be used to buy extra credit and other prizes from Señorita Ramirez

a.Eagle Bucks


c.Postitive Phone Call

d.Spanish Music CD

e.Pizza Lunch

Negative Consequences

1.Verbal Warning

2.Seat Change and/or Behavior Reflection

3.Phone call to parent or guardian

4.Administrative Referral (PS-74)

5.Removal from class

*Señorita Ramirez reserves the right to alter the sequence of consequences depending on the severity of the offense

¡Itinerario de Viaje!

GOAL: Your goal is to create a itinerary for a week-long trip to a foreign country.

ROLE:You are the person within your group of friends who speaks most Spanish, and therefore you have been nominated to do the planning for this trip to a Spanish-speaking country.

AUDIENCE: Your target audience is your friends who speak basic Spanish.

SITUATION: You and a group of friends decided to travel to a Spanish-speaking city for a week over summer break.Because you know the most Spanish out of all of your friends, you have been nominated by your friends to create a weekly itinerary.

PRODUCT: Your final product will include two aspects:

  • Itinerary: Your itinerary should fit on a piece of 8 x11.5 computer paper or within a packet or booklet no bigger than 8 x 11.5 inches. (No posters will be accepted)Or, you may also create a Google presentation and share this with Ms. Ramirez (maria.ramirez@pgcps.org).
  • Presentation: You will present two days of your itinerary to the class.Before talking about the daily activities, you should introduce yourself and tell what country (and/ or city) you are visiting. You should practice pronunciation prior to presenting to the class.


·Describe who is going (los viajeros) on this trip and the interests of those people.

·You should plan at least one activity for each day of the week, based on the interests of the people who are traveling..

·For each location, label the day you are going (lunes, martes, etc.) and the name of the place that you are going (El Parque de Buen Retiro, El Escorial, etc.)

oInclude a visual representation of this place (a picture, a drawing, magazine cut out, etc)

oWrite a caption in at least THREE complete Spanish sentences describing this location.

§When and where are you going? (Name what day you’re going and the name of the place)

§What is this place? (Is it a park, a restaurant, a mall, church, etc?)

§What are you going to do there? (Go shopping, eat Spanish food, take photos, walk, etc)

·Your final product should be:

oprinted out or written on a white piece of computer paper.

onot wrinkled, damaged or crumpled.

oorganized in a visually-pleasing manner.

oinclude colors beyond black and white.

owritten using your own skills and knowledge.Using a translator will result in a ZERO.

·In order to be eligible to score a 100%, you must turn it in on APRIL 18th (A DAY) or APRIL 19th (B DAY)

oThe highest grade that you can earn each day after the due date is a 60% D.

oIf you foresee either of the above dates being an problem, contact Ms. Ramirez before April 13th to discuss alternate arrangements.


April 10/11:Review project guidelines

April 12/13:Project Workday in Computer Lab (Table below due by the end of the period)

April 16/17: Project Workday in Computer Lab (Partially Completed Final Project Due at the end of the period)

April 18/ 19: Project Presentation in Class (Be prepared to read your itinerary out loud in front of class)

En inglés:

I will be traveling to __________________________ (country).This country is located on the continent of ________________________(list continent). I will be traveling with my friends _____________________ (list friends). I would describe my friends and me as ____________________________(adjectives to describe interests). My friends’ and my interests include __________________________________________ (friends’ interests).

En español:

Descripción de los viajeros:

·¿Quiénes son los viajeros? (2 amigos al mínimo)__________________________________________

·¿Adónde van ustedes? (subject +ir+ a+ location) _________________________________________

·¿Cómo son Ustedes? (2 adjetivos al mínimo) ____________________________________________

·¿Qué les gusta hacer? (2 verbos al mínimo)______________________________________________

Descripción del viaje:


Lugar (¿Adónde van Ustedes?)

Actividad (¿Qué van a hacer allí?)


Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio (Un parque/ una selva)

ver los animales/ nadar en la playa








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