K-Pax Essay

A dollar for a homeless vet.|Come on, little man.
Come on, little man.|I fought the war|with your daddy.
Y'all ain't paid me|for this leg yet.|Thank you, sugar.
Jackie Chan!|Jackie Chan!
Shanghai Noon.
I take traveler's checks.|Arigato to you too.|Thank you, sugar.
Here you go.|Thanks.
You kids!
Here.|Hold it right there!
- What happened?|- Step away from her.
Oh, man,|he ain't done nothing.
Those kids.|Who took your bag?|This man?
No, it was a couple of punks.|They came and they just ran off.
Four-eight, this is Romano.|Robbery and assault victim...
with facial wound|at East 42nd entrance.
Sir, I'd like you|to just stand right there.
Certainly.|Are you traveling somewhere?
I have arrived.|My travels are over|for the time being.
Where's your luggage?
I don't require luggage.|Do you have a ticket?
Train ticket?|Ticket stub?
I didn't arrive by train.
Would you remove your sunglasses|for me, please?
Oh, I'd rather not.|I'd forgotten,|but I mean, wow,
Your planet|is really bright.
I see.|East 42, we have an E.D.P.
I have to ask you|to come with us, sir.
Of course.
Did you see this fella|come out of a gate?
He didn't come from no gate.|Brother came from nowhere.
You know what I'm saying?
Yeah, Freddy,|I know what you're saying.
I don't wanna go outside,|because there's things|that can kill you--
Thank you.
If you breathe|all those chemicals out there,
not to mention the cosmic rays|and the West Nile virus,
and that other one--|the new airborne pigeon disease|nobody wants to talk about.
The new pigeon disease.|I've heard of that.
Another thing that's been|bothering me is the food.
The cafeteria serves|lukewarm food,|full of germs.
You really need to do something|about that, Dr. Powel l.
Heat is the only thing|that kills germs. Heat.
Point taken.|We'll look into that|right away.
In the meantime,|I want you to start taking|Your medication again.
It'll help you sleep.|And you need the sleep, Ernie.
Sleep is good.
Is our time up?
Only for today, Ernie.
Two calls:|Your wife, bring home|a bottle of wine.
Yeah.|And Dr. Chakraborty.
A transfer from Bellevue|he wants you to take a look at.
Great. Who is it this time?|Jesus Christ or Joan of Arc?
Dr. Chakraborty didn't say.
He arrived at Bellevue|a month ago,
suspicion of|hallucinogenic intoxication.
But, uh, he was found|negative for substances|of any kind.
His EKG, his blood value|are all normal.
There's no sign of concussion,|no brain tumor,
no temporal lobe, epilepsy,|no indication of organic|abnormality whatsoever.
However, after one month,
his amnesia and his delusion|have persisted.
He claims to be not human.
A visitor|from another planet.
They administered Thorazine|on this guy for three weeks...
at 300 milligrams a day,|and he was unresponsive?
How can you be unresponsive|to 300 milligrams of Thorazine?|It's impossible.
That's why|they sent him to you.
No I.D.,|no missing persons report|matching his description.
What's this?
He had it on him.
Well, let's hope|extraterrestrials|qualify for Medicaid.
He's here, Doctor.
Thank you, Joyce.
Medical record 2-8-7.|Calls himself Prot.
This one's as gentle|as a pussycat, Doc.
Come in.|Have a seat.
"Have a seat."|Curious expression.
Well, let me introduce|myself. I'm--
Dr. Mark Powell,|Chief of Clinical Psychiatry...
of the Manhattan|Psychiatric Institute.
Good. You know|where you are.
Well, now, uh...|Prot, is it?
"Prote."|I see, "Prote."
Well, Prot,|we're here to--|May I?
Red delicious.|You call this variety.
It's my favorite.
I'd like to begin|by asking you...
if you know|why you're here.
Of course.|You think I'm crazy.
We prefer the term "ill.''|Do you think you are ill?
A little homesick, perhaps.
Really.|Where is home?
Capital "K,'' hyphen,|capitals "P-A-X.''
K-PAX is a planet.
But don't worry,|I'm not going to|leap out of your chest.
I'm not worried.
Its just that I'm only|familiar with nine planets.
Well, actually, there are ten,|but that doesn't matter.
I'm not from|Your solar system.
K-PAX is about 1 ,000|of your light-years|away from here...
in what you would call|Your constellation Lyra.
That's quite a ways.
I'm curious.|How did you get to Earth?
It's a matter of harnessing|the energy of light.
I know that sounds|crazy to you.
You beings are eons away|from discovering light travel.
You travel|at the speed of light?
Oh, no. We can travel|many times that speed.|Various multiples of "C.''
Otherwise, the trip here|would have taken about|1 ,000 years now, wouldn't it?
What if, um,|I were to tell you...
that according to a man|who lived on our planet|named Einstein,
that nothing can travel|faster than the speed|of light?
I would say that you misread|Einstein, Dr. Powell.|May I call you Mark?
You see, Mark,|what Einstein actually said...
was that nothing can accelerate|to the speed of light,
because its mass|would become infinite.
Einstein said nothing about|entities already traveling|at the speed of light or faster,
- at tachyon speeds.|- Tachyon?
I detect a note|of skepticism, Dr. Powell.
Oh, not at all.|It's just that you--
You speak English|so well.
I'm amazed.|Well, English isn't that|difficult a language to learn.
You should try speaking--
I'm--|I'm confused.
Maybe you can explain|it to me. Uh...
how is it that|being a visitor from space,
that you-you look|so much like me...
or anyone else from Earth?
Why is a soap bubble round?
Why is a soap bubble round?
You know, for an educated|person, Mark, you repeat|things quite a bit.
Are you aware of that?
A soap bubble is round...
because it is the most|energy-efficient configuration.
Similarly, on your planet,|I look like you.
On K-PAX,|I look like a K-PAXian.
why did you want to|come to our planet?
Well, I've been here|many times before.
But what brought me|here first? I don't know.
Pure curiosity, I guess.
I'd never been to|a Class BA-3 planet before.
Class BA-3?
Early stage of evolution.
Future uncertain.
And if I give all my possessions|to feed the poor--
Howie. Go on.|Talk to him.
Go on.
You're really from...|up there?
I am from K-PAX.
What sort of place is it?
K-PAX is bigger|than your planet.
But we are circled|by seven purple moons.
Bullshit, bullshit,|bullshit, bullshit,
bullshit, bullshit,|bullshit.
Go on.
Well, K-PAX is most lovely|when K-MON and K-RIL|are in conjunction.
Those are our two suns.|What you would call|Agape and Satori.
You finish|Your homework, Abby?|Yeah.
I lost another tooth.
Oh, yeah? Let me see.|Hey! Maybe the tooth fairy|will come tonight, huh?
There's no such thing|as the tooth fairy, Dad.
Theres just you and Mom.
I fed them already.|I couldn't wait.|How was your day?
Oh, 6:15 was late.|Didn't leave the station|til 6.:30.
Should have caught|the nearest beam of light.
You should have caught what?
Oh, nothing.|How was your day?|Good.
Sent the deposit in|for the house on the cape for|the last two weeks of August.
Which works out perfectly,|'cause Abby doesn't get out|of camp till the 1 5th.
Sent the deposit in?
Yeah.|Come on, Rache.
That wasn't definite.|We were just talking.|I said maybe.
Maybe sometime in August|we'll clear it.
Maybe. Maybe we should start|paying you for your time.|You got a family rate?
Oh, look.|They published my letter.
I spoke with Natalie about going|into the after-school program|next year,
in case|I go back to teaching.
And this morning my head|fell off, but I was able to sew|it back on with dental floss.
Waxed, of course.|Dental floss?
Sorry.|I wasn't l listening.
Yeah, I know.|Let's just eat.
Train was late.|I'm tired.
And to top it off,|the city is dumping|patients on us.
I know.
You stink.
Have a nice day, Sal.
I've been to 64pLanets|within our galaxy.
Earth is the only one|with your species, Homo sapiens,|that I've visited so far.
And when did you arrive|on Earth?
Four years and nine months ago.
So that makes you how old?
In Earth terms, 337 years old.
I aged about seven getting here,|traveling at six multiples|of "C."
But really, Marko,|it only seemed like an instant.
Marko? Time may warp|at super light speed.
I'd say|access one psychosis NOS.
That's glib to|call him a psychotic.|That's a wastebasket diagnosis.
Oh, yeah?|He believes he traveled|here from another planet.
What's your diagnosis,|jet lag?
Well, how come he didn't|respond to the Haldol?
Haldol can make you|more psychotic.
It's rare,|but it does happen.
Look. I'm not saying|that medication can't be|a useful tool...
to help somebody like this,|but you can't--
He maybe a good subject|for the "Betazine" protocol.|The drug's on clinical trial.
You want to experiment on him|before we have a diagnosis?
Do you have some other idea?
He's not a danger to anyone.|How about getting|to know him first?
In the meantime,|we have ten new transfers|to take care of.
You know, maybe what's|wrong with him...
is that he is.|Is what?
From the planet K-PAX.
Your produce alone|has been worth the trip.
Could you tell me...
a bit about your boyhood|on K-PAX?
Where were you born?
You were, uh,|born, right?
K-PAXians have babies?
Oh, yes, much like on Earth,|but unlike you humans,
the reproductive process|is quite unpleasant for us.
Could you compare|the effect to something|that I might understand?
Like a toothache?|It's more like having|your nuts in a vlse,
except we feel it all over.
And to make matters worse,|the sensation is associated...
with something like your nausea,|accompanied by a very bad smell.
The moment of climax is like|being kicked in the stomach,
and then falling into a pool|of mod droppings.
Mod droppings?
A mod is a being,|much like your skunk,|only far more potent.
Uh, if it's such|a terrible experience,
uh, how do you reproduce?
As carefully as possible.
What are you doing?
Well, you just reminded me|of something I want to|include in my report.
Your report.|Yes, it's our custom...
to compile descriptions|of the various places|and people we encounter...
throughout the galaxy.
Morning, Betty.|Good morning, Prot.
Morning, Navarro.|Hey, what's up, man?
Mr. Friedman.|Morning, Maria.
- I'm Vanessa.|- Just chill.
Morning, Bess.
Morning, Bess.
She doesn't talk to anybody.|Afraid smoke will come out of|her mouth when she talks.
Been here since|she was a little girl.|Burned her house down.
Shouldn't play with matches.|Very dangerous.
It was an electrical flare.|Why do you make up stories|like that?
Ernie has a very powerful|imagination.
Phil listen!
Come on, Doris.|You gotta come out of|Your room sometime.
Look what I brought|just for you.
Pooh, pooh, pooh, pooh,|pooh, pooh, pooh, pooh.
Do that again,|you go up to three.
Her Royal Highness never,|ever comes out of her room.|Not even to eat.
No wonder she's here.|I'm sick and tired|of this shit.
Everyday, coming up here|and shooting food at me.|I hate this.
The service here|is atrocious!
Good morning, Mrs. Archer.|Doris.
I wasn't expecting|any gentleman callers...
until this afternoon.
Excuse me.
You have a place|set for two.
Oh, yes. Um...|I'm expecting someone.
How long|have you been waiting?
Eleven years.
For some around here|might...
call that crazy,|but I prefer to call it...
Romantic.|Like a, uh...
waltz in the moonlight,|or a...
candlelit dinner...
or a sunset.|Oh, we have those.
On K-PAX, we have two suns.
They rlse together|only once every 200 years.
And that is quite a sight.
He most definitely|has a sensitivity|to white light,
but I think|it's his range that|You'll find interesting.
What am I looking at?
He can detect light|at a wavelength of up to|300 to 400 angstroms.
Of course,|Prot's explanation is that...
due to his planet's|peculiar quality of light|caused by its two suns,
K-PAXians are used to|light conditions much like|our twilight most of the time.
W-Wait a minute.|Chuck, I didn't think...
human beings could see|ultraviolet light.
We can't.
Good morning, Joyce.
That's a lovely configuration|You're wearing today.|Thank you.
Macy's.|Come in.
This is so much better.
It's a lot like home.
Well, uh, Prot,
I was hoping you'd tell me|more about home.
Well, what would you|like to know?
Well, uh, do you, um,
do you have a family|on K-PAX?
It doesn't work on K-PAX|the same way it works|here, Mark.
On K-PAX, we don't|have families in the way|that you think of them.
In fact, a family would be|a non sequitur on our planet,|as it would on most others.
In other words, um,
You, uh, you never knew|Your parents.
On K-PAX, children are not|raised by their biological|parents, Mark, but by everyone.
They circulate among us,|learning from one|and then another.
Do you have a child?|No.
Do you have a wife waiting|back for you on K-PAX?
Mark. Mark. Mark.
You are not really listening|to what I'm saying to you,|are you?
We do not have marriage|on K-PAX.
There are no wives.|There are no husbands.
There are no families.
I see. So, um,
what about...|societal structure?
Government.|No, there's|no need for one.
- You have no laws?|- No laws. No lawyers.
How do you know|right from wrong?
Every being|in the universe knows|right from wrong, Mark.
But what if--
if someone did do|something wrong--
committed murder or rape--
how would you punish them?
Let me tell you|something, Mark.
You humans, most of you,
subscribe to this policy|of "an eye for an eye,
a life for a life,"|which is known|throughout the universe...
for its stupidity.
Even your Buddha and your Christ|had quite a different vision,
but nobody's paid much attention|to them, not even the Buddhists|or the Christians.
You humans,
sometimes it's hard to imagine|how you've made it this far.
Josh, be careful.
Okay, kids. Let's go.|The hot dogs are ready.
Hey. Where were you|just now?
Come on.|Okay.
Hey, kids, come on.|Wash up.
Josh. Now come on,|quit teasing the dog.
Josh, let's go.|Settle down now.
- Here we are.|- Oh, park that right here.
Boy,|that looks terrific.|That looks great.
Steve, how was, uh,|how was your trip|up from Princeton?
Steve, how was, uh,|how was your trip|up from Princeton?
Not too bad.|We even stopped by|to see Michael.
Oh, that was|nice of you, Sis.
Quite a detour|for you guys.
Well, it was his birthday.
I know it was his birthday.
I sent him a card|and a nice, uh,
a nice, big check|as usual.
It wouldn't kill you|to pick up the phone|every once in a while...
and talk to your own son.
Thank you, Abby.|You wanna pass|the potato salad, please?
There you go.
By the way, I put him|through Dartmouth. He knows|how to pick up a phone too.
I'm thinking of inviting him|for Christmas.|Oh, great.
He spends Christmas|with his mother.
He won't come here.|How do you know? When was|the last time you asked him?
Am I on the couch here,|or what?
You want a beer?|Please and thank you.
You want some more?|Can I have corn, darling?
Steve, I, uh,
I have a rather unusual|favor to ask you.
What can I do you for,|Dr. "P''?|Well, I have a patient.
Sit down. I have|this patient, who, uh,
seems to know quite|a bit about your field.
A patient|who's an astronomer?
So, tell me about|this patient of yours.
Well, he, uh, he claims|to come from a planet|he calls K-PAX.
What kind of name|is that?|K-PAX?
He says it's a thousand|light-years away, near|the constellation Lyra.
Uh-huh. Bighead?|Green? About this high?
Yeah, I think|I know the guy.
No, he's, uh,|he's very convincing.
I mean, of course,|he's, uh, he's human.
Its just that he's, um,
well, he's-he's the most|convincing delusional|I've ever come across.
If I can prove to him|that this K-PAX is just|a figment of his imagination,
then maybe I can find out|who he really is.
Well, sure.|I can give you...
a whole list of questions|to ask your fella.|Wonderful.
All his books and papers|and everything...
are spread all over the desk|like always, but he's|just sitting there.
Someone change|his medication?
I gave him his usual,|Anafronil, 250 milligrams.
Hmm. Well, something's|wrong with him.
An obsessive-compulsive|doesn't just sit there|looking out the window.
Good morning,|Dr. Powell.
Good morning.|But are you looking|for something?
The bluebird?
The bluebird of happiness.
Prot told me to find|the bluebird of happiness.
Prot told you.
It's a task.
The first of three.
I don't know what|the other two are yet.
He'll tell me.
If I complete all three,
I'll be cured.
There.|Maintain your breathing.
That's it.|Now you see?
There are none of|these ammonia particles|that you're so worried about.
In the first place,|I would be able to see them.|Good morning, Sal.
And I don't.|Good morning, Dr. Stinky.
Ringed monkey, 7:00.
Take a bath.|Take a bath.
Ernie, could you excuse us|for a moment, please?|Mm-hmm.
Good to, uh,|see you outside, Ernie.
Thank you.|Oh, Ernie, you stink.
Prot, it's one thing|to take an interest|in your fellow patients.
It's quite another|to make them think|that you can cure them.
You seem overly upset,|Mark.
To borrow a phrase from Navarro,|You need to chill.
For your information,|all beings have the capacity|to cure themselves, Mark.
This is something|we've known on K-PAX|for millions of years.
Listen to me.|On this planet,|I'm a doctor, you're a patient.
Doctor. Patient.|Curious human distinction.
It's not your job|to cure Howie.
Or Ernie or Maria|or anyone else.|It's mine.
Then why haven't|You cured them yet?
Oh, by the way,|here are the answers|to the questions you asked me.
I hope they meet|Your satisfaction.
I don't know what to say, Mark.
I mean, this is--|this is pretty wild stuff.
Gibberish, huh?|Well, not exactly.
I mean, see,
Your patient indicates|his planet, K-PAX,
orbitingan eclipsing|binary star system--|Agape and Satori.
Yeah.|Near the Constellation Lyra.
He could have|looked that up, right?
That's the funny thing, Mark.|Not really.
I mean, except for my boss,|Duncan Flynn,
one of the foremost|astrophysicists in the world...
and maybe two or three|of his colleagues,
nobody knows much about|the possibility of planets|in this star system yet.
It hasn't even been reported|in any journals.
Tell me, honestly,
did Duncan put you|up to this?
You know--|You know, like a joke?
No. It's no joke, Steve.
Uh, tell me,
do you know of any missing|astrophysicists?
Can't say I do.
But there's one or two|around here who'd sure like|to meet this fella of yours.
Thanks a lot, Steve.|I sure appreciate it.
But unlike you humans,|the reproductive process...
is an unpleasant one for us.|Start again.
What way is it unpleasant?
It's a pain--
Good. Not too fast.|Okay.
So, this is|Your neighborhood, huh?
Hello, gentlemen.|Sure appreciate you|meeting with us.
Thank you, Dr. Powell.|We'd like to get to the bottom|of this just as much as you.
Thank you, Doctor.|Great. Let me introduce|You to Prot.
It's a pleasure|to meet you, Prot.|I'm Dr. Becker.
This is Dr. Flynn.
Drs. Patel and Hessler.
Doctor. Doctor.|Doctor. Doctor.
How many doctors|are there on this planet?
Here, Prot.|Have a seat.
"Have a seat.''|Oh, shit!
Feel at home?
We found your notes|quite interesting, Prot,
and we'd like to ask you|some questions,|if that's all right.
Be my guest.|Good.|Then Ill jump right in.
Make sure you can swim.
Yes, well,
let's start with this idea|of light travel, shall we?
What can you tell us|about that?
Absolutely nothing.
If I told you,|you'd blow yourselves up.
Or worse,|someone else.
You'd be surprised|how much energy|is in a beam of light.
Hmm. Well, then,
maybe you could show us|how this light travel works.
You mean a demonstration.
That would be... fine.
Adios. Aloha.
Well, when are you gonna--|I'm already back.
See, where I come from, Prot,|that's called "the fastest gun|in the West'' routine.
Well, I don't come from|where you come from,|Dr. Becker.
Prot, you've indicated in your|notes that your planet K-PAX...
orbits around the twin stars|of Agape and Satori,|near the constellation Lyra.
Well, frankly,|we're a bit mystified...
as to how you gained knowledge|there's such a planetary system|around these stars.
Professor, where I come from,|that's common knowledge.
This was taken|from the Hubble.
We've computer enhanced it,|based on Dr. Patel's readings...
from telescopes|in Chile and Hawaii.
It's the clearest picture|we have of where you come from.
What we'd like is if you could|diagram on the light pad...
the orbital pattern|that your planet takes|through this system.
Mm-hmm.|My pleasure.
I think that's right.
Steven,|could you input that?
Already on it.
Wh-What's going on?
I take it my calculations|help explain the "protabations"|You've been seeing...
in the rotation pattern|of your binary star,
but have been unable to explain|until... this moment.
How could you know this?
How could you--
Every K-PAXian knows this.
Just as every child|on Earth knows...
that your planet|revolves around your sun.
It's common knowledge.|Isn't it?
What, um,|what happened in there?
I mean, you--
He could be a savant.
There-There are savants|who have painted flawless|copies of Rembrandt,
who couldn't--|who couldn't remember|their own names.
You don't|believe him, Steve.
I don't know|what I believe, Mark,|but I know what I saw.
I moved. I moved.|It's your move.
One and two. Your move.
You just wait|till next game.|Bluebird.
Bluebird! Bluebird!
Bluebird! Bluebird!|Bluebird!
Howie!|Bluebird! Bluebird!
Bluebird! Bluebird!|Bluebird!
Howie.|Bluebird. Bluebird.|Bluebird.
Okay. Okay.|Bluebird!
Where's the bluebird?
Look, bluebird!|Bluebird! Bluebird!
Oh, my God.
Bluebird! Bluebird!|Howie!|Howie, get back here!
Bluebird! Bluebird!|Bluebird!
Do bluebirds bite, Sal?
Nah, they don't bite,|stinkhead.
Hey, Bess, its a bluebird.
- Shit!|- Disturbance on two.
- It's the bluebird!|- Bluebird! Bluebird!
Bluebird! Bluebird!
Bluebird! Bluebird!
It's mass hysteria.
Betty!|Betty, what the hell|is going on here?
- Come here! Come here!|- Dr. Powell, come and see!
You see it?|Do you see it?
Lookit! Lookit!|Lookit!
Whats going on here,|Dr. Powell?|What on Earth is out there?
-Just a bluejay.|- A bluejay?
A bluejay.
Off the chair.|Everybody, get off the chairs.
Mrs. Archer...|come out of her room.
Its a bluebird?
Come on over here.
I know who you are.
You're the bluebird.
Good night, Bess.
And how are we today?|Oh, just fine.
That's good, Maria.|My man.
Excuse me.|Mm-hmm.
About that|light travel thing.
I was wondering if maybe|You could show me|how to do that.
I put up with|the stinkin this place|for ten years.
I wanna get out,|if you know what I mean.
I used to be the doorman|at The Plaza.
F-Fifteen years.
That's when I started|to notice it.
Notice what?|The smell.
They all stank.
I-I tried to tell 'em,|but, uh,
they put me here.
And, um, and-and--
And this-this place|smells worse than all.
Except foryou.|Y-You don't smell,
so I figured maybe|You could help me.
You should smell|the york blossoms|on my planet...
in a gentle breeze.
Pretty much|like your sugarplums.
I would-- I would|like to smell that.
I would like to go there,|to-to your, um,
I'm afraid I can only take|one person back with me|when I go.
Uh, I had my weekly session|with Sal today.
He says you're|taking him to K-PAX.
In fact, I've heard|from most of the patients|on ward two,
they all tell me|that they're going to K-PAX.
I wonder if thats a wise thing|to be promising patients|in a psychiatric facility.
No, no, no, Mark.|I made it clear to each|and every one of them,
I can only take one person|back with me when I return.
Return?|Mark,|don't get me wrong.
I mean, you've been|very hospitable.
But my time here is almost up,|and I can't wait to get back.|Back?
To K-PAX?|Yes, of course.|Where else?
You're planning|to return to K-PAX.
You're repeating yourself|again, Mark. Yes, I have|one trip to take up north,
and then I am planning|on returning to K-PAX.
Joyce gave me these strawberries|this morning from her garden|in Hoboken.
They're delicious.|You'll have to|forgive me, but, um,
but this is|a bit confusing.
- When are you planning on--|- I'm departing on July 27.
Why? Why, uh,|why July 27?
Safety reasons.
You see, I can go anywhere|on Earth without fear|of bumping into someone...
traveling at super light speed,|but beings are coming and going|all the time from K-PAX.
It has to be coordinated.
You're telling me...
You're beaming back|to K-PAX on July 27.
At 5:51 a.m.,|Eastern time.
Hey, hey, hey, honey.
Mark,|You were just dreaming.
You were just dreaming.
Mark, whats going on?|Daddy's okay.
Go back to bed, honey.|Where is Daddy going?
Daddy's all right.|He has a tummy ache.|He's all right.
Daddy!|Get in bed!
And when did you arrive|on Earth?
Four years and nine months ago.|What's going on?
Shh! Listen.
And when did you arrive|on Earth?
Four years and nine months ago.
Your years.
Four years, nine months|and three days ago.
That'll be five years|to the date on July 27.|That's when he's leaving.
What?|To go back to K-PAX.
Mark, what is the matter|with you?
Rachel--|Mark, it is 2:00|in the morning.
What is-- What is|this patient doing to you?
He's telling me|that five years ago|on July 27...
something terrible|happened to him.
Some horrible trauma.|I gotta get to him|before that date.
- Mom, what's happening?|- Unbelievable.
Nothing. Come on.|Come on. Let's all|go back to bed.
Ah, I've got it!
Come on. Let's eat.
- Is the spaceman here yet?|- Shh. Don't call him that.
Spaceman. Spaceman.|No, no. No, no.
Whoo!|Everybody, come here.
Listen, everybody, look.|He's going to be here|any minute.
I want you guys to just|calm down. Be yourselves.|Act natural.
Okay. Spaceman.
Why, is he going to zap us|with his laser gun?
I mean it. I do.|Here.
Oh, Mom.
I can't believe|I agreed to this.
I tried everything else.|Rachel, look.
I want him to spend|Fourth of July with us...
to see if a normal family|environment might bring|something out of him.
Since when did we become|a normal family?
Please.|Look. They're here.
I just feel uncomfortable.|Well, don't.
Joyce's son, he's on|the high school wrestling team,
and Betty's husband's|an ex-cop.
Hey, Joyce.|Hey, buddy.
Glad you could make it.
Wow.|This is my husband, Dominic.
He looks like Data.|That's right,|embarrass him.
Welcome, Prot.
This is my wife Rachel.
How do you do?|Rachel.
Thank you so much|for inviting me today.
Thanks for coming.
- Watch out. Watch out.|- No.
Shasta, no.|Shasta, no.|Shasta!
Come here, good dog.|I know. I know.
Damn dog's|never liked anyone.|Shh.
Oh. Okay. Kids.
Girls. Girls.|Come here.
She says she doesn't|like it when you hide|her favorite tennis shoe.
And she doesn't hear so well|in her left side, so--
so don't sneak up|on her anymore.
No way.
Let's get some lunch, okay?|Let's have lunch.
Let's go eat.
It's good, Rachel.
Okay, you guys, come on.
Careful, careful,|Gabby.
All right. Come on.|Somebody else|want some?
There we go.
So, Prot, Mark tells me|You don't eat meat.
That's very healthy.|Speak for yourself.
You got it?
Yes, I want burgers,|thank you.|It's good.
Everything looks so good.|Pass me one of those hamburgers.
Come on.
Give me a push.
There's a photograph|on the piano of a young man|with all the others.
That's Michael.
That's Mark's son|from his first marriage.
How many marriages|has he had?
Just the two...|so far.
"So far?|No, I mean,
he's not out to set|a world record or anything.
But the young man|in the photograph,|he's not here today.
No, um,|he doesn't live with us.
You know,|he's away at college and--
and the truth is,|he and Mark don't|talk to each other.
I don't know why|I'm telling you this.
Probably because|I'm a locked-up lunatic,|so what harm could it do.
Maybe that's it.
Dr. Powell's been trying|to teach me the importance...
You beings place on|Your biological connections.|Hmm.
You think he means it?
You don't?
Do you know|what a family is?
You worry.
They don't|tell you that, you know.
You don't have a family.
We don't have families|on K-PAX.
Well, you don't know|what you're missing.
I'll get you|some more lemonade.
All right.|Incoming.
That's beautiful.|Thank you.
Fourth ofJuly.
Thank you for inviting me|here today, Mark.
You're most welcome, Prot.
Come push me on the swing!
I'll show you|a trick.
This is called...
Go to the Table|and Have a Beer.
But first you have to|hold on very tight.
This is fun!
Come on, let's go!|Come on! Come on!
Watch out.|Watch out.
Let's go in the water!
No, don't.|Come on!
No, don't go.|Don't go.|Let's go!
Hey! Let go!|Don't go in the water!|Don't! No, don't!
Mom! No!|No, you stay! No!
Natalie? Natalie!
Mark! Mark!
Hey, this guy's|as strong as an ox!|Betty, quick!
Turn off the goddamn water!
Stay there, Josh.|I'll turn it off!|I got it.
It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.|No, no, no, it's okay, Betty.|Where are his glasses?
I got it.|Are you all right?
You're okay.
Is that apple pie I smell?
Sweetheart,|You all right?|Yeah.
He was pushing my daughter|on a swing, like he had done|a hundred times before.
Not like he was|some alien from K-PAX.
I saw him.|He was connecting|with something.
Some kind|of normal life.|That's not enough.
He's a violent patient,|Mark.
He's not violent.
Something violent|happened to him.|Something in his past.
When he was going after Natalie,|he wasn't trying to harm her,|he was trying to protect her.
From the sprinklers?|I'm not sure from what.
I need more than a hunch|to go on, otherwise I|have to send him upstairs.
We need to regress him--|take him back into the past,
find out what happened|and have him confront it.
Regress him? Do you have any|idea how risky it is to regress|a patient like this one?
It's his only chance.
Claudia,|we have to push him.|There's no time.
He told me|that he's going back|to K-PAX on July 27.
That's in three weeks.
I think that he could|become violent on that day.|Hurt himself, somebody else.
You know what|the problem is, Mark.
You're too close|to this patient.
Everybody else|can see it but you.
I am transferring him|to the fourth floor,|and that's final.
I know I'm too close to him.|All right, fine.|I admit it.
Why choose this one|to save, Mark?
I don't know. Maybe--|Maybe because I feel...
he chose me.
Has anyone seen Prot?
He went up north|for a few days.
You know.
He had a few countries|left to visit before he|could finish his report.
Don't worry, Dr. Powell.|He'll be back.
How do you know, Ernie?
Because he took his glasses|with him, darling.
When he returns to K-PAX,|he won't need them.
Patients do not escape|from this institution.|They don't escape.
There has been|no evidence of escape,
but obviously,|I've notified the police,|social services.
I'm gonna have a great time|explaining this|to the state board.
I got psychotics|on the fourth floor|packing up their sneakers...
because they all think|they're going off to K-PAX.
Claudia--|Find him.
Well, what about|city shelters?
Have you--|Have you checked?
No, I'm not telling you|how to do your job.
Uh-- Thank--|Thank you.
Dr. Powell,|I presume.
Where the hell|have you been?
Newfoundland,|Greenland, Iceland,|uh, Labrador--
All right, cut the crap.|We've been looking for you|for three days.
I believe I mentioned|my taking a trip up north,|Mark, in this very garden.
"Taking a trip?|You're a patient here.
You don't leave here without|a discharge. And don't give me|this beam-of-light shit,
because I don't buy it.
What would you say|if I were to tell you...
that I don't believe|You took any trip at all...
to Iceland or Greenland|or anywhere?
That I don't believe|You're from K-PAX?
I believe you're|as human as I am.
I would say you're in need|of a Thorazine drip, Doctor.
Well, there--|there is one way...
You could convince me|beyond any doubt.
Of course,|I would need your consent.
It's called hypnosis.
I just don't see the point.|Let me tell you|what your alternative is.
A trip to a place|where they'll stick a needle|in your ass every morning,
which may or may not leave you|with a stupid grin|on your face...
for the rest of your days|here on Earth.
Is that what you'd like?
I want to help you.
What we're going|to be doing, Prot,|is a bit like daydreaming.
I'm gonna count|from one to five.
On the count of three,|Your eyes will close,
and you will find yourself|in a very nice, deep,
comfortable, relaxed|state of hypnosis.
One. Your eyes are starting|to get very heavy now.
Two. I want you|to use your imagination...
and imagine small lead weights|on your eyelids...
that are just making them|so... heavy.
Pulse rate is 40 B.P.M.|Three.
Keep your eyes closed.|I'd be concerned|if he were human.
Let yourself go way,|way down deep.
Four. Let a wave of relaxation|move through your body now...
as you go down|even deeper.
And five,
going way, way down deep.
You are in a relaxed|state of hypnosis now.
How do you feel?
I want you|to go back in time.
I want you to recall|the first experience|that you can remember.
What do you see?
What was that?
What do you see?
I see...
with a blue lining.
Whose casket is it?
It's the father|of a friend of mine.
What's your friend's name?
I'm not telling.
Do you know how|Your friend's father died?
He had an accident at|the place that he worked at.
He was killed|in an accident?
He-- He was hurt|and then died later?
Where did he work?|The place where|they kill cows.
Where is this place?
The pulse rate just shot up|ten B.P.M.s.
Do you know--|Do you know|where this place is?
I-I want you to relax.
I want to move forward|in time now.
Where are you?
It's nighttime.
We're in his house.
At the other boy's house?|Yeah.
I want him|to come outside.
To look at the stars.
That's where I come from,|You know.
Is your name Prot?
How did you know that?
Where are you from, Prot?
I'm from the planet K-PAX.
It's in|the constellation Lyra.
Do you know|all the constellations?
Yeah. Most of 'em.
And does your friend|know them too?|Yes, he does.
When his dad got sick|and had to stay home,|they got a telescope,
and his dad taught him about|all the constellations.
But he's not interested|in those right now.
Why not?
Something happened.
That's why he called me.
He calls me when|something bad happens.
Like when his father died?
That's right.
How do you know to come?|How does the boy call you?
I don't know. I just come.|I just-- I just know.
How do you get to Earth?
I wanna go outside.|Can I go outside?
Uh, read-- read|his body language, Mark.
I-I don't think he wants|to talk anymore today.
All right. Prot?
I want you|to just relax now.
Think about the stars.
That's right.|I' m gonna count backwards now|from five to one,
and you'll find yourself|wide-awake and refreshed.
Five. You're starting|to come out of it now.
Four.|You're feeling more alert.
Three.|Even more alert.
Two.|You're becoming awake now.
And one.
So when do we begin?
It's already over.
Oh, the old "fastest gun|in the West'' routine, huh?
Let's find the locations|of all the slaughter houses|operating in the United States.
I mean, how many|can there be?
I don't know.
We eliminate, uh, the ones|in or near big cities...
and we concentrate|on small towns, rural areas,
You know, places where|You can see the stars.
Joyce, we only have|six days.
Shall I bring the crystal|or leave it here?
I suppose I won't|really need it on K-PAX.
I don't even know|what they drink.
Dream on, sister.|He can only take|one of us with him.
Why the hell would he take|a stinker like you?|He's taking me.
How dare you!|I do not stink.
Nah, forget it, ho.|I'm the one goin'.
Yeah?|Which one of you?
Okay.|Who would like to begin?
Ernie.|Uh, I-I was-- I was wondering|if it was possible...
for us to have Cream of Wheat|instead of oatmeal.
Not again.|Howie.
I have a suggestion,|because there's really,|really not much time.
I would like to propose|an essay contest...
to decide once and for all|who will go with Prot.
I've spoken with him,|and he's agreed to read|them all by July 27.
So if anyone would|like to be considered,
please state your reasons|in a clear, legible hand...
and return them to me.
Would I get to take|my bible to K-PAX?
Of course you would.
We can finish|the essays later.
Now, I want you|to go back in time again,
but not so far back|as last time.
Is your friend there?
Is he with you now?
What's his name?|I'm not tellin'.
Prot, I would like to know|Your friend's name.
Well, I ain't|gonna tell ya.
Well, we have to|call him something.
How about Pete?
Well, that's not his name,|but whatever thrills you.
What year is it?|It's 1 985.
How old are you?|One hundred|and seventy-five.
How old is Pete?|Seventeen.
Tell me about Pete.
What happened?
Is there a problem?
Is that why|he called you?
He's got a girlfriend.
And the problem|is with the girlfriend?|She's pregnant.
He can see it all coming|right down the road.|You get married,
have a bunch of kids,|wind up in the same job|that killed your dad.
He blames her for this?|Oh, no, no, no.
He doesn't blame her.|No, he just--
He--|How did he put it?
He hates the chains that people|shackle themselves with.
I mean, we don't have|all that crap on K-PAX.
All right, Prot.|I want you to listen|to me carefully.
I want to move forward|in time again.
Oh, say, two weeks.
If you would like|to open your eyes|or move around, you may.
Would you like to?|I know that.
Prot, when--|It's, uh,
according to|Your Earth calendar.
And your friend Pete|called you?
Not for anything|in particular.
He just... sometimes|wants to talk things over...
with someone|every now and then.
Tell me about Pete now.
He's a knocker.|A "knocker''?
A knocker is the guy|that knocks the cow|inside of the head...
so it won't struggle|while they slit its throat.
I know.|It's barbaric, isn't it?
Does he still live|in the same town?
Oh, just outside of town.
He's got a little place,|but he's fixed it up nice.
It's got some... trees|and a couple of acres...
and a river.
It reminds me of K-PAX,|except for the river.
Tell me, did he ever marry|that pregnant girl?
Wow, what a memory.
Yeah, they got married,|but she's no longer pregnant.|Why, that was six years ago.
I've forgotten her name.
I didn't tell you|her name.
Can you tell me now?
Did they have|a son or a daughter?
It's her birthday|next week.
Chak, what's happened?|Howie tried to kill Ernie.
What?|He's fine.
Ernie?|I feel wonderful,|Dr. Powell.
For heaven's sake.|What happened?|Absolutely wonderful.
My good friend Howie,|he just about|strangled me to death.
Son of a bitch,|I love him.
Ernie, I don't understand.
You should've seen it.
I was asleep.|You know, the way I like--|my hands tied and everything.
He wrapped something|around my neck--|a handkerchief or something--
and then tightened it.
There wasn't a damn thing|I could do about it.
Well, when I|stopped breathing,
he lifted me onto the gurney,|rushed me up here,
and they brought me back|as quick as they could.
And when I woke up,
You know what I realized,|Dr. Powell?
Dying's something|You have no control over.
Why waste your life|being afraid of it?
I'll sleep on my stomach|from now on.
I'll eat fish|with bones in it.
I'll swallow the biggest|pill you can find.|Bring it on.
I feel good.
That's terrific, Ernie.
See you at our session|tomorrow?|Yes.
I cured him, didn't I?
Prot says one more task|and I'll be cured too.
And then it's...|bon voyage.
Tell me your name, damn it.
I'm gonna give you|a specific date,
and I want you to remember|where you were and what|You were doing on that day.
Do you understand?
Perfectly well,|my dear sir.
The date|is July 27, 1 996.
I'm on K-PAX.
- Are you sure?|- Quite sure, governor.
- Are you sure?|- Quite sure, governor.
I'm harvesting croppins|for a meal.
Croppins are a fungi,|like, uh, your truffles.
Big truffles.|Delicious.|Do you like tru--
Wait a minute.
There it is.|What? Is it Pete?
I sense something is wrong.|He needs me.
I'm now on Earth.
I'm with him.
And where are you?|What are you doing?
By a river...
in the back|of his house.
It's dark.
He's taking off|his clothes.
Why is he doing that?
What is he doing?
He's trying|to kill himself.
Why does he want|to kill himself?
Because something terrible|has happened.
Has he done something?|Has he done something|he shouldn't have?
He doesn't want|to talk about it.
Prot, I'm trying to help him.|I can't help him unless he|tells me what happened.
He knows that.
Well, then,|why won't he tell me?
Because then|You would know...
what even he|doesn't want to know.
Then you have to|help him, Prot.
You have to help him|tell me what happened.
He doesn't want|to talk about it.|Are you fucking deaf?
Time is running out|for him.
Time is running out|for everyone.
He jumps in.
He's floating.
Pulse is up to 1 40.|Respiration's at 30.
For God's sake, man,|bring him back.
All right.|Listen to me.
Listen to me.
You can save him.|You're his friend.
I am his friend.|That's why I won't try.
Save him!|No.
I can't.
The cur--|The current is too strong.
There's no chance.
I... cannot.|Listen to me.
You've helped|a lot of patients here.
You've helped Mrs. Archer.|You've helped Howie and Ernie.
I'm gonna ask you|to help cure Pete now.
Let's call it a task.
- I want you|to let me speak to him.
If he's listening,|I want him to know|that he can trust me.
I want him to know that if|it was Sara or Rebecca|that he did something--
Get in there.|No, no, no, wait!|Wait, wait, wait, wait!
No. No, stay back.|Oh, my God!|Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!|Oh--
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
It's okay.
It's all right.
That's okay.
It's all right now.
I'm gonna count backwards now|from five to one,
and as I count,|You'll become more|and more alert.
On the count of one|I'll snap my fingers,
and you'll wake up|feeling refreshed.
Five. You're starting|to come out of it.
Four. You're becoming|more alert.
Three.|Even more alert.
Two. You're starting|to wake up now.
And one.
Are you okay?|Yes.
Feeling fine.
Thank you.
Is this--|Is this area code 5-0-5?|Where arey ou?
New Mexico, sir.|New Mexico?
There are a dozen Salvation Army|shelters in New Mexico.
Albuquerque,|Las Cruces, Roswell.
Wait a minute.|There's one in Santa Rosa.|Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa.
Santa Rosa.
That's pretty damn close|to Santa Rosa.
What's the biggest|local newspaper|for that region?
Guadalupe County Observer,|covering Guadalupe County.
All right.|Bring that up.
Go toJuIy27, 1996.
"'Swap meet, livestock sale. '"
Wait.|Go to the 28th.
There it is!
"Robert Porter. Drowned!''
His name...
is Robert Porter.
Robert Porter.|Ah, here it is.
Yeah, I do remember|this case.
It was about the biggest|thing ever happened|around these parts.
He was a quiet type.
As I recall, he was|a real smart fella.|Kind of brainy.
Strong as a horse, though,|and worked as a knocker.
Lived about 20 miles|outside of town with|his-his wife and child.
His wife's name|was Sarah.
That's right.
Damn shame|what happened.
You got time|to take a ride?
Well,|it's been empty.
Yeah, nobody comes around|here much anymore...
since all that happened.
Ain't no livin' next of kin|to give the place to anyway.
I had detectives come|down from Albuquerque...
to try and piece|this one together.
Well, accordin' to|the official story,
Porter, he was at work|when this, uh, this drifter,
Darryl Walker,|come by the house.
Two-time parolee|lookin' for trouble.|You know what I'm sayin'?
Started out|as a robbery.
The wife and the daughter|were out back.
From what we can gather|from forensics and all,
this Walker, he, uh--|he forced the two women|into the house.
Raped the wife,
killed 'em both.
Porter, he must've come home|and found Walker still here.
Snapped a grown man's neck|like it was a twig.
Can't say I wouldn't have|done the same myself.
Uh, the river's|this way.
They found|the clothes there.
That's probably|where he jumped in.
And this river can be|pretty treacherous.
Even in July|it's got a hell of a current.
Still, I suppose it might|have been a mistake,|officially,
to declare it a drowning|when the body was never found.
if that boy you got|back there in New York|is really Robert Porter,
I'd just as soon|not know about it.
Know what I mean?
I'm sorry.|I'm sorry.
Never do that again.|I won't.
What happened?
I found what|I was looking for.
You sure?|Yeah.
Wish I hadn't.
{##And I think it's gonna be|a long, long time###
{## Till I touch down brings me|round again to find###
{##I'm not the man|they think I am at home###
{## Oh, no, no, no###
{##I'm a rocket man###
If you wouldn't mind|putting mine on top.
{##Burnin' out his fuse|up here alone###
{##And I think it's gonna be|a long, long time######
Have a seat.
You all packed?|Ready to go?
Quite ready.|I travel light.
That's a joke,|Mark.
You humans.|There's just no|sense of humor.
I doubt, uh,|Freud ever tried this,
but before|someone goes away,
we usually like to send them off|with a little toast.
Scotch okay, or would you prefer|something more fruity?
I will try|the scotch.
here's to a...
safe journey.
Tell you the truth,
K-PAX sounds like|a beautiful place.
I'd like to see it sometime.|Think there's a chance of that?
I think you should see|more of your world.
As a matter of fact,|I think you should see|more of your own family.
Invite your son|for Christmas.
I may just do that, Prot.
You know what I've learned|about your planet?
There's enough life on Earth|to fill 50 planets--
plants, animals, people,|fungi, viruses--
all jostling|to find their place,
bouncing off each other,|feeding off each other,
You don't have that kind|of connection on K-PAX?
Nobody wants,|nobody needs.
On K-PAX, when I'm gone,|nobody misses me.
There would be|no reason to.
And yet I sense|that when I leave here,
I will be missed.
Strange feeling.
You don't have|to leave, Prot.
I'm sure there must be some way|that I can help you...
to stay as one of us.
I will miss you,|Dr. Powell.
And I have to finish|my report, but...
I seem to have misplaced|my pencil.
Take mine.
A much more efficient|writing tool.
Adios, my friend.
I wanna show you|something.
That is Robert Porter.
Prot, that's you.
You and Robert Porter|are the same person.
That's patently absurd.|I'm not even human.
Can't you at least|admit the possibility?
I will admit the possibility|that I am Robert Porter...
if you will admit|the possibility...
that I am from K-PAX.
Now if you'll excuse me,
I have a beam of light|to catch.
Oh, Mark.
Now that you've found Robert,
please take good care of him.
{## That nobody can deny###
{## That nobody can deny###
# That nobody can deny #
# For he's a-- ##|I can't stand it.
I-- I can't|stand this!
I demand to know...
which one of us|is goin' with you.
Well, I can|tell you this.
There's extra points for|the one who goes to sleep first.
Out of my way!
Oh, my gosh.
You never gave me|my last task.
What's my last task?
To stay here.
And be prepared...
for anything.
You look tired, Doc.|Why don't you get|a few hours of rest?
He's not goin'|anywhere.|Uh--
We got seven hours.|I'll see you in four, hmm?
Get some rest.
You're gonna eat.
You need some food|and you need to sleep.
Chow Fun.
Oh, the place on Broadway|with the ugly lanterns|in the window?
The mean walter|always shouted at us.
Their fortune cookies never|had any fortunes in 'em.
We never needed any.
I knew my fortune|that night.
He was sitting|right in front of me.
Hope he still is.
Hey.|What's up, man?
Look, 20 says|he goes.|You're on.
Oh, damn it!
Two minutes.|You know where Dr. Powell is?
I'll buzz him.
One minute.
Here comes Dr. Powell!
He's moving.
Repeat:|He's moving!
What the hell?
Wait for me, you--
Son of a bitch.
Oh, God.
Oh, man.|Oh, God.
Call a code blue.|Help me.|Let's get him.
Who's that?|Beats me.|How'd he get in here?
That's not Prot.|He's definitely|not Prot.
Certainly not.|Prot's gone.
Where's Bess?
Where's Bess? Bess?
He chose Bess.
Good-bye, Bess.
Good for you,|homegirl.
Bess went to K-PAX.
Patient 287, Robert Porter.
How I wish I could say that|Robert sat up one fine day...
and said, "'I'm hungry.|Got any fruit?'"
Like most catatonics,
he probably hears|every word we say...
but refuses|or is unable to respond.
Nevertheless,|I keep him up to date.
Let's see.|I told you about Howie.
He got that job|at the public library.
And Ernie, he's determined|to be a crisis counselor.
The only one we're, uh,|really concerned about is Bess.
You know, we've checked|halfway houses, shelters,
churches, bus stops.
Uh, we don't understand.|It's like...
people don't just disappear.
July 27th ?
You wouldn't happen to know|anything about that, would you?
Well, maybe|it'll come to you.
Whenever you're ready,|I'll be waiting.
I want to tell you|something, Mark,
something you|do not yet know,
but we K-PAXians have been|around long enough|to have discovered.
The universe will expand,
then it will collapse|back on itself,
and then it will|expand again.
It will repeat|this process forever.
What you don't know is that|when the universe expands again,
everything will be|as it is now.
What ever mistakes you make|this time around, you will|live through on your next pass.
Every mistake you make...
you will live through...
again and again, forever.
So my advice to you is to|get it right this time around,
because this time...
is all you have.
You're lookin' great,|Michael.|Think so?
Thanks.|How you doin'?
Good. How was your--|How was your trip?
Was it--|Was it good?
{##Maybe this is forever###
{##Forever fades away###
{##Like a rocket ascending###
{##Into space###
{## Could you not be sad###
{## Could you not breakdown###
{##After all###
{##I won't let go###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{## There's beauty in release###
{## There's no one left|to please###
{##But you and me###
{##I don't blame you|for quitting###
{##I know you really tried###
{## Only you could hang on###
{## Through the night###
{## 'Cause I don't|wanna be lonely###
{##I don't wanna be scared###
{##And all our friends###
{##Are waiting there###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{## There's beauty in release###
{## There's no one left|to please###
{##But you and me###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{##Feel like I could|have held on###
{##Feel like I could|have let go###
{##Feel like I could|have helped you###
{##Feel like I could|have changed you###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{##Feel like I could|have held you###
{##Feel like I could|have let you###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{##Feel like I was a stranger###
{##Feel like I was an angel###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{##Feel like I was a hero###
{##Feel like I was a zero###|{##Safe and sound###
{##Feel like I could|have killed you###
{##Feel like I could|have healed you###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{##Feel like I could|have touched you###
{##Feel like I could|have saved you###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{##Feel like I should|have known you###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{##Feel like I could|have changed you###
{##Feel like I could|have moved you###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{##Feel like I should|have told you###
{##Feel like I could|have known you###
{##Feel like I could|have loved you###
{##Feel like I couId|attractyou###
{##Feel like I could|have saved you###
{##Feel like I really|loved you###
{##Feel like|I really loved you######

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K-PAX is a 2001 American-German science fiction-mystery film based on Gene Brewer's 1995 novel of the same name, directed by Iain Softley, starring Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges, Mary McCormack, and Alfre Woodard. The film is about a psychiatric patient who claims to be an alien from the planet K-PAX. During his treatment, the patient demonstrates an outlook on life that ultimately proves inspirational for his fellow patients and especially for his psychiatrist.


After claiming he is an extraterrestrial from the planet 'K-PAX', 1,000 light years away in the Lyra constellation, prot (uncapitalized and pronounced with a long O) is committed to the Psychiatric Institute of Manhattan. There, psychiatrist Dr. Mark Powell attempts to cure him of his apparent delusions. However, prot is unwavering in his ability to provide cogent answers to questions about himself, K-PAX, and its civilizations. His medical examination only reinforces his story, as prot can see ultraviolet light and he is completely resistant to the effects of thorazine. Powell introduces him to a group of astrophysicists who are befuddled when prot displays a level of knowledge about his claimed star system that was unknown to them.

prot also wins over the other patients at the Institute, each of whom believes unquestioningly that he is indeed from K-PAX. prot, who claims to have journeyed to Earth by means of "light-travel", explains that he can take one person with him when he returns. Thereafter, most of the patients at the Institute ask prot to take them with him.

Upon learning that many of his patients expect to leave Earth on July 27, Powell confronts prot, who explains that it is a predetermined date. However, Powell believes this to be a significant date in prot's life, a day on which he suffered a severe psychological trauma. Powell decides to subject prot to regression hypnosis, which works well. Using information gained from these sessions, Powell figures out that prot may simply be an alter ego of Robert Porter, a man from New Mexico who attempted suicide in 1996 after his wife and child were murdered. Powell tries to confront prot with this knowledge, but prot's reaction is one of bemusement, and he cryptically tells Powell that he hopes he will take good care of Robert now that he has found him.

On July 27 as the hospital staff watch, the camera in prot's room cuts to static at the precise time prot said he would leave Earth. Powell finds Porter lying on the floor in his room, catatonic, prot having apparently left Porter's body for the light travel back to K-PAX. The other patients do not recognize Robert, as he is being wheeled out of the room. In addition, one of them is missing: Bess, a woman who had remained mute since her home was destroyed in a fire and who had been among the patients that asked to go to K-PAX with prot. She is never found. Powell continues to take care of the catatonic Porter and tells him about how the patients he helped have gone on to live normal lives again, but Robert does not respond. Powell is left with no absolute answer as to whether prot was in fact an alien entity or just a coping mechanism of the traumatized Porter, but seems far from convinced that Porter's behavior was a delusion.

The final scene's voiceover is prot explaining to Powell that the people of K-PAX have discovered that our universe will repeat its events again and again, so the mistakes we make will be repeated forever. prot encourages Powell to make this time count, as it is the only chance we have. Inspired, Powell begins a new, better life by reconciling with his estranged son.



K-PAX received mixed reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes it has an approval rating of 41% based on 139 reviews, with an average rating of 5.1 out of 10 with the web site's consensus stating "For those who have seen One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest or Starman, K-PAX may not hold anything new. The movie works best as a showcase for Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges."[2] The film has a score of 49/100 on Metacritic based on 31 reviews indicating "mixed or average reviews".[3]

Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times, "I admired how the movie tantalized us with possibilities and allowed the doctor and patient to talk sensibly, if strangely, about the difference between the delusional and that which is simply very unlikely.”[4]A. O. Scott, wrote in The New York Times, "K-PAX is a draggy, earnest exercise in pseudo-spiritual uplift, recycling romantic hokum about extra-terrestrial life and mental illness with wide-eyed sincerity."[5] At Variety, Robert Koehler said, "'K-PAX' gives off a great deal of light but generates little heat in a drama that aspires to cosmic themes but ends up with plain, comforting homilies."[6] Claudia Puig at USA Today concluded, "Besides being saddled with the year's worst title [...] this misguided movie is shackled by its own overreaching sense of importance and foggy earnestness."[7]

K-PAX was a box office disappointment making only $65,001,485 worldwide off a $68 million production budget, including $50,338,485 in North America and $14,663,000 internationally.[1]

Plagiarism lawsuit[edit]

Argentinian director Eliseo Subiela claimed that K-Pax plagiarized his 1986 film Man Facing Southeast; he said of K-Pax, "it's a copy, but a good quality one".[8] Subsequently, Gene Brewer and others connected with K-PAX were sued in November 2001. The complaint was later withdrawn as the trial stretched over time and Subiela didn't have enough money to keep the litigation going. Subiela claimed until his death in late 2016 that his film was plagiarized by the makers of K-PAX. Brewer went on to release a memoir exploring his inspiration for the books, called Creating K-PAX or Are You Sure You Want to Be a Writer?[9]


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Jon Frauley. 2010. "Pathology, Power, and Medicalization in K-Pax." Criminology, Deviance, and the Silver Screen: The Fictional Reality and the Criminological Imagination. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

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