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Impact of the Mongols Essay

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Impact of the Mongols The Mongols are the most influential civilization to ever exist in central Asia. They impacted countries all over the world in great ways. The Mongols invaded and impacted four major world powers, the first being the Islamic world. The murder of the Abbasid caliph, one of some 800, 000 people who were reported to have been killed in Mongol retribution for the city's resistance, brought an end to the dynasty that had ruled the core regions of the Islamic world since the middle of the 8th century . Perhaps the greatest long-term impact of the Mongol drive to the west was indirect and unintended. In recent years a growing number of historians have become convinced that the Mongol conquests played a key role in…show more content…

Because trade was dangerous and expensive, there were not many traders, and not much trade. The scarcity of money did not help; however, the European economic system had begun to change in the 14th century, partially as a result of the Black Death, and the Crusades. The science of the middle ages was significant in establishing a base for modern science. The renaissance enabled a scientific revolution which let scholars look at the world in a different light. Religion, superstition, and fear were replaced by reason and knowledge. Genghis Khan, created and united the Mongols, who were the world’s biggest empire to date. He conquered china and created the Yuan economic policies and accommodated traditional Chinese practices. Yuan rulers did not try to convert China into the Mongol-style nomadic economy; instead, they advanced agriculture. They restored the she, rural organizations composed of about 50 families, to assist in farming. These organizations also improved flood control, established charity organizations for orphans and widows, and introduced such new crops. In addition, early Yuan emperors sought to protect the peasants by devising a regular, fixed system of taxation. Unlike previous Chinese dynasties, the Yuan rulers cultivated trade and held merchants a high social status.
The Mongols impacted civilizations all over the world. In the end though the Mongols blended into most civilizations they conquered,

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Essay Prosecution Mongol Trial Pd 3

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Mongol Mock Trial: Prosecution
Trial Date: Wednesday, April 30 2014
Topic: Were the Mongols uncivilized? Attorneys­
Alexis & Andrew
Mamluk general:
Saad Q.
Prince of Kiev­
Lindsey M.
Japanese Daimyo­
Keegan L.
Korean Royal woman­
Abby D.
Caliph of Baghdad (Al­Musta’sim)­
Nik P.
Chinese peasant­
Noor A.
Chinese Confucian Scholar­
Rachel P.
Vietnamese merchant­
Kevin L.
Victim of bubonic plague­
Jared Z.
Balkh shopkeeper­
Andy T.

REMEMBER TO CITE YOUR SOURCES Opening Statement (Alexis or Andrew):
● definition(s) of ‘civilized’:
○ 1. having an advanced or humane culture , society, etc.
○ 2. polite; well­bred; refined.
● definition(s) of:
○ barbarous: savagely cruel or harsh…show more content…

a. I battled the Mongols on the banks of the Kalka River. I was allied with a few other Russian groups and we were all defeated.
2. What happened to you after the Mongols defeated you and your troops?
a. My men and I were forced to retreat into fortified camps. The Mongols promised me that if I surrendered, they would, in return, promise safe conduct for us. However, they went back on their word and once I surrendered the
Mongols slaughtered my men and executed me.
3. How were you executed?
a. I was executed by suffocation, and after I was killed the Mongolian generals
Jebe and Subutai feasted and danced in celebration. Japanese Daimyo:
1. What did the Mongols do to your people?

a. They attempted to invade and conquer twice (but failed both times). Because of their attempted invasion, the gods were angered, and sent a typhoon to destroy them both times.
Unfortunately, many of my people were injured and killed by the Divine Winds.
2. What effect did the Mongols have on you?
a. I am a daimyo, which means that I am a samurai warrior. My brethren and I fought the uncivilized invaders as hard as we could until the gods stepped in and gave us assistance in ridding ourselves of the barbarians. However, many of my comrades were brutally slaughtered in the process. Korean Royal woman:
1. What was your peoples’

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