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  A. K. SharmaExcavating in A Cave, Cist and Church    $37.50  
The book is therr is one. It deals with the excavation reports of sites excavated by the author randing from prehistoric times to almost modern. Beginning with the excavations in a cave in Maharashtra to Megalithic cist burials in Uttranchal and ending with the excavation and conservation of a church built by the Augustinian Fraurs in Goa. It shows as how the friction between the two sects belonging to the same religion could lead to destruction of their own place of worship. Shri A.K.... 
  A.K. SharmaThe Departed Harappans of Kalibangan    $50.00  
The book gives vivid description about the Harappans, who laid the foundations of the Indian culture and who departed leaving a rich legacy behind them, which forms the backbone of Indian culture today. 
  I.K. SharmaNarsimhapriya (2 Vols.) (Prof. A.V.N. Murthy Felicitation Volume)    $137.50  
  A.K. SharmaEarly Man In Eastern Himalayas    $41.25  
The book gives a vivid picture of the Prehistoric past of North-East India and Nepal. Recent discoveries have clearly proved that this difficult cold area was also inhabited by Early Man right from the Early Stone Age onwards.Profusely illustrated and covering the available research material upto 1995 this volume would go a long way in fulfilling the needs of scholars, students and common man. The book would be welcomed by scholars and students of archaeology of North-East India and Nepal. 
  A.K. SharmaEmergence of Early Culture In North-East India    $33.33  
The book is a first ever written authentic document based on archaeological evidences about the glorious past of North-East India. Profusely illustrated with maps, line drawings and rare photographs, this volume presents a detailed cultural spectrum of North-East Region. 
  A.K. SharmaManipur    $31.25  
North-East India is general and Manipur in particular is a treasure house of archaeological wealth. The present volume covers in detail the excavations and includes full analyses of the pottery, the metal work, the objects from the burials, the environmental evidence and all other finds. 
  A.K. SharmaPrehistoric Delhi    $18.75  
The book takes back the antiquity of Delhi and neighbouring areas located on the contours of the Aravallis to several hundred thousand years back. It gives a first hand account of one of the biggest Paleolithic sites in the Indian sub-continent. 
  A.K. MehtaHealth & Harmony Through Ayurveda    $6.25  
  A.K. SharmaArchaeo-Anthropology of Chhattisgarh    $66.67  
The book is a comprehensive account of recently conducted explorations and excavations by the author in Chhattisgarh. The book brings out the richness of cultural heritage, particularly during megalithic times, of Chhattisgarh. It establishes the link between central Indian megaliths and those of northeast India and shows how during the first millennium B.C. the entire country was engulfed by this great culture overpowering all natural and geographical boundaries, right from Ladakh to... 
  C.MargabandhuPuraratna (Vol. I)    $104.17  
  A.K.BagThe Concept Of Sunya    $52.08  
  A.K. SharmaHeritage of Tansa Valley    $50.00  
  A.K. Sharma (Ed.)Puramanthana: Current Advances in Indian Archeology    $19.12  
Contents: Prehistoric Mansar Goddess Aditi in Rig Veda Susaka - An Indian Prince who Rules over Egypt, Palestine and Babylonia Exploration around Ganeshwar( Rajasthan) The Indian Copper Hoard Ring: Some fresh Observations Archaeology of Kuppam Region: Recent Discoveries Is Orjhar the Celebrated Purvarama Monestery? Percussion made votive stupas from Satdhara, District Raisen( M.P) Plundering of Antiquities in Post-Taliban Afghanistan Newly Discovered Gupta Remains at... 
  A.K. SharmaExcavation at Karkabhat - Chhattisgarh    $33.74  
The book is a detailed analytical account of excavations in one of the major magalithic site in Chattisgarh. Inspite of abundance of such sites in this so-called backward region of India, no attempt was ever made either by the Central or State Governments to unearth the glorious hidden past of the region. With excavations at Karkabhat and now elsewhere by the author, it is abundantly clear that this part of the fertile region of the country with abundance of vegetation and mineral wealth was... 
  A.K. SharmaBuddhist Bronzes from Sirpur    $94.12  
The book, Buddhist Bronzes from Sirpur is a detailed, well researched account of a hoard of bronze sculptures recovered during Sirpur excavation in 2005-2008. The recovery of this hoard along with raw material, crucibles and crucible stands from of Buddha Vihar located in Industrial area in the Capital of Dakshin-Kosala at Sirpur, on the bank of Mahanadi dispels the earlier held view that bronze were imported from Gujarat and Bihar. It is now established that in 7th-8th cent. A.D., during the... 
  Ram Sharan SharmaAspects of Political Ideas and Institutions in Ancient India    $21.74  
 The present work discusses different views on the origin and nature of the state in ancient India. It also deals with stages and processes of the state formation and examines the relevance of caste and kin based collectivities to the construction of polity. The Vedic assemblies are studied in some detail, and developments in political organization are presented in relation to their changing social and economic background. The book also shows how religion and rituals were brought in the... 
  Sanjay RathVarga Chakra    $10.87  
Temporarily Out of Stock
This book is a collection of essays which were published for the Vyankatesa Sharma Varga Workshop, held in Hyderabad, India, on December 2 - 10, 2002. It was held under the auspices of the Sri Jagannath Center, which was founded in 1998 by Sanjay Rath. Its objective is the teaching of astrology in the ancient, time-honored tradition of Parasara, Jaimini & other great sages. A List of Contained Articles: Divisional charts, by Sarabani Sarkar; Divisional dignities, by... 
  Deo Prakash SharmaArchaeology of Lower Ganga-Yamuna Doab (2 Vols.)    $183.75  
The book "Archaeology of Lower Ganga-Yamuna Doab" includes field research work. Various controversies of Kausambi excavations done by G.R. Sharma have been discussed in this work. B.B. Lal had raised few points after a gap of 30 years of these excavations. This region consisting of Fatehppur, Kausambi and Allahabad district and has many significant discoveries like Reh inscription of Menander (Posthumous) and inscribed 3rd century A.D. Siva Linga from Mazilgao, Neolithic tools from Khaga... 
  K N RaoAdvanced Techniques of Astrological Predictions    $7.49  
Temporarily Out of Stock
An excellent collection of essays. The book has an interesting history. First published in 1991, with a second edition in 1994, K.N. Rao withdrew the book thereafter. This was in the face of numerous requests for a reprint. Suddenly a new printing appeared, but without Rao's name on the front, or the title page. Copyright is now with "Sansthan", or so the book claims. This is a pirate edition, which seems not unknown in India. In the first chapter of Saadhe-Saati Rao... 
  Bulbul SharmaThe Ramayana for Children    $7.12  
Temporarily Out of Stock
The Ramayana is one of the best-known epics in the world, the tale of Rama, the prince of Ayodhya, who exiles himself to the forest for fourteen years to honour his father's word. In the forest, Rama, his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana meet new friends and strange foes, and each day brings new adventures. But their happy life is spoilt when Ravana of Lanka, the king of demons, abducts Sita. To rescue her Rama enlists the help of the monkey army. In that final battle, many heroes die and... 
  Ajay MitraRevealing India's Past (2 Volumes)    $142.46  
Late Prof. Ajay Mitra Shastri does not require any introduction. He shone in the world of Indology by his erudition and fame. His valuable contributions to the various branches of Indology covering more than forty years are well known to scholars. His deep knowledge of Sanskrit acquired through traditional education in the gurukulas together with analytical and critical acumen imbibed through modern education enabled him to write on any aspect of Indology with equal ease and felicity and bring... 
  Arun K. SharmaA Handbook of Medicinal Plants    $104.24  
A Handbook of Medicinal Plants (A Complete Source Book), is the first book of its kind. The book describes more than 1346 medicinal plants found in the world. The book includes vernacular names, description, distribution, part use, utilization, active principles, agronomic practices and colour plates (about 870 photographs). Separate chapters on organic farming, biofertilizers and biopesticides uses for sustainable cultivation of medicinal plants tips for medicinal plants cultivation and... 
  Arvind SharmaThe World as Image    $8.62  
There is something profoundly counter-intuitive about Advaita Vedanta. Nothing is more obvious to both the philosophical as well as the non-philosophical observer than the fact that multiplicity constitutes the basic datum of our experience. Variety is not only the spice of life-it is a cardinal fact of life. The doctrines of Advaita Vedanta shock us by flying in the face of this fact and by denying any ultimacy to that plurality and variety which we experience so intimately. This naturally... 
  B.N.K. SharmaHistory of the Dvaita School of Vedanta and its Literature    $37.29  
This study offers a panoramic view of the creative, expository, interpretive, dialectic, polemical, didactic and devotional phases of Dvaita philosophy, and its literature with a clear chronological setting of literary, historical and epigraphic materials. Written in lucid style it presents a vigorous and sparkling historical exposition of the mighty currents of Realistic Theism, originating in the Vedic and post-Vedic sources of Madhva philosophy finding their culmination in the Dvaita... 
  B.N.K.SharmaPhilosophy of Sri Madhvacarya    $34.12  
About the Book: The volume is a good presentation of the philosophy of Sri Madhvacarya, complete in its architectonic unity. The author probes its ontological and epistemological foundations, and critcally examines the structure erected on them. The discussion focuses on crucial doctrines of theism, and brings to light for the first time the striking parallelisms of thought between Madhva and his Western contemporary St. Thomas Aquinas. Light is also thrown on how Madhva and his commentators... 
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|| Shrimad Anandatirtha Bhagvatapadacharya Gurubhyonamaha ||

Welcome Message

Welcome to, a website specially dedicated to share information on the dialectical work Nyayamruta by the 14th century philosopher and saint Sri Vyasatirtha(Vyasarajaru) (1460-1539), a contemporary during the era of famous Vijayanagar Empire of India reigned by the Hindu king Krishnadevaraya. In addition to carrying information about Nyayamruta, this website will also carry information about life history, achievements and works of Sri Vyasatirtha. In a nutshell, intends to serve as single place of all authentic information related history and philosophy of Sri Vyasatirtha.

In the development Indian philosophy, the phase of Vedanta is generally considered as culminating point. Within Vedanta, Dvaita Vedanta (founded by 13th century saint and philosopher Sri Madhvacharya)deserves to be considered as culmination of entire Vedantic thought. Dvaita Vedanta, since its inception had to face challenges from various schools of Indian thought, of which Advaita School was the direct opponent. Every challenge from the rival schools, moved the followers of Dvaita School to take up the cudgels in defence of the Dvaita doctrines which has  enriched the Dvaita literature on both polemical and constructive fronts.  Nyayamruta is one such work of monumental edification erected by Sri Vyasatirtha to vindicate the cogency of Madhva's philosophy  of realism and its metaphysics and give Dvaita Vedanta a permanent staying power and living interest in the philosophical field and limit the aggressive ascendancy of the Advaita Vedanta in the intellectual community during those times (and for all times to come). This is clear from what the author of Nyayamruta himself has to say about the aims, objects and scope of his work :

"My labour of love is amply rewarded by gathering threads of doctrine and details of Madhva Siddhanta (philosophy), found piecemeal and scattered here and there in the original works and their commentaries and re-presenting them in a co-ordinated form and reinforcing them with additional arguments and corroborative materials where necessary, bringing fresh facts to light based on my own cogitations". (*)

Nyayamruta and its author represent the highest level in Indian dialectical thinking. This is borne in the conclusion arrived in the objective and indepth research and assessment of the different schools in the range of India thought conducted by the distinguished scholar Dr.S.N.Dasgupta in his work extending in 5 volumes ; A History of Indian Philosophy. The first half of Volume IV of this work is specifically discusses the history, logic, doctrines and dialectics of Dvaita Vedanta. Expressing his views on the logical and dialectical soundness of the doctrines of Dvaita Vedanta, Dr. Dasgupta concludes on Pg viii of Vol VI  :

"In my opinion Jaya-tirtha and Vyasa-tirtha present the highest dialectical skill in Indian
thought. There is a general belief amongst many that monism of Sankara presents the final
phase of Indian thought. The realistic and dualistic thought of Samkhya and the yoga had
undergone a compromise with monism both in the Puranas and in the hands of the later writers.
But the readers of the present volume who will be introduced to the philosophy of Jaya-tirtha
and particularly of Vyasa-tirtha will realize the strength and uncompromising  impressiveness
of the dualistic position."

The original Nyayamruta being a complex dialectical and technical Sanskrit work, very few in these times would possess the necessary training and equipment in Sanskrit, Dvaita & Indian philosophy to dive in deep and appreciate its subtleties. It is for this reason, one of  India's greatest sons, Dr. B.N.K.Sharma, the doyen of modern scholars arrived on the philosophical scene early 19th century to translate, expound, authenticate and authoritatively introduce the new generation to Madhva philosophy for comparative study vis-a-vis with other Indian and Western philosophies.

Given the encyclopedic range and depth in understanding of Dvaita, Indian and Western philosophy and its coverage in his works, training in traditional and modern learning, Dr.Sharma is regarded as the Father and Preceptor of studying Madhva philosophy of modern times, lest the doors of knowledge and wisdom from Madhva thought should get indefinitely eclipsed from posterity for want of understanding of sanskrit, erudite teachers and access to encyclopedic range of original texts & commentaries quintessential in understanding and appreciating Dvaita Vedanta.

The present website is primarily an effort in making Dr. Sharma's following work on Nyayamruta available to anybody interested in knowing about Dvaita-Advaita polemics :

Advaitasiddhi vs Nyayamruta - An up to date Critical Reappriasal

More extensive information about Nyayamruta and its author can also be found in the following books :

1. History of Dvaita School of Vedanta - Dr.B.N.K.Sharma

2. THE LIFE OF SRI VYASARAJA, A Champu Kavya in Sanskrit  BY  POET  SOMANATHA (a Contemporary) With a Historical Introduction in English by   B. Venkoba Rao, B.A. (Mysore Civil Service)

3. History of Indian Philosophy Volume 4 by Dr.Surendranath Dasgupta

This website will  also host information, articles and works on Sri Vyasatirtha by other Dvaita Titans like Sri B.Venkoba Rao, Sri N.B.Kalamdani, Sri A.P.Karmarkar to name a few. As well wisher and guide of posterity, Dr. Sharma has admonished us of how relevant and practical Madhva philosophy is to us in these modern times and is the key to the better understanding and appreciating of the Supreme, ourselves and the world we live in. It is therefore important to make best use of the human birth conferred on us by Providence, in making effort to leading a philosophical life as laid out by Madhva and as exemplified by his illustrious followers (Jayatirtha, Vyasatirtha, Vadiraja tirtha, Raghavendra tirtha, Haridasa tradition and others) to best of our abilities. Bringing out the important contribution of these followers to Dvaita Vedanta and its tradition, Dr. Sharma put's it in one of his works,

"We all owe an intellectual debt to the original path-makers and their expositors who have devoted all
their time and energies to making works on Dvaita intelligible to posterity, in their wealth of thought.
This debt is to be discharged by studying their works  in the originals and subjecting such a study to a
process of manana. Such critical reflection as the  process of manana would impose is sure to be rewarding in its results."   - The Brahmasutras and their principal commentaries Vol I (*)

Hence, is our minuscule attempt of discharging this debt to 'these path-makers'.

Barring the errors due to limitation of we editors, the entire thought behind the content of this website is solely derived from the inspiration and guidance from the works of Dr. B.N.K.Sharma, Sri B.Venkoba Rao and other Dvaita Titans referred in. We humbly surrender this endeavor at their lotus feet and implore them to continue to bear on us  with their kindness.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude from bottom of our heart to Dr. Sudhindra.K.Bhavani(Retired Professor of Somaiyya College, Mumbai), son of Dr. B.N.K.Sharma for his gracious encouragement and support in enabling this effort see the light of the day.

We hope readers, students, scholars and researchers alike will enjoy this website. We welcome and will cherish any of your thoughts, comments and suggestions.

BhooishTAm te  namOktim vidhEma - Ishavasya Upanishad

Sri Krishnarpanamastu,

Your's sincerely,


* Reference : Advaita Siddhi Vs Nyayamruta by Dr. B.N.K.Sharma, Page 3 (with some changes by editors)

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