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elevance of these to the overall argument, therefore a more analytical discussion.

2.A Good Essay Structure

Is made easier by prior planning

Makes it clear how you are going to address the question, where you are goingand why

Sets out your main ideas clearly

Makes it clear how the main ideas relate to each other 

Takes the reader through your answer in a logical, progressive way

Helps the reader to remember what you have said

Organises groups of related information in paragraphs

Uses connecting words and phrases to relate each point/idea to earlier and later points

A Model Essay StructureIntroduction

Explain how you interpret the question set using a clear statement of opinion

Define or explain key terms if necessary

Identify the issues that you are going to explore with a brief summary of the mainpoints in your argument

Argument/Main Body

Contains the points outlined in your introduction, divided into paragraphs:

Paragraph 1


Covers the first thing you said you would address.


The first sentence (the topic sentence) introduces the main idea of theparagraph.


Other sentences develop the topic.


Include relevant examples, details, evidence, quotations, references.

Paragraph 2 and other paragraphs


The first sentence links the paragraph to the previous paragraph thenintroduces the main idea of the paragraph.

Further paragraphs link back to the main opinion and/or argument in theintroduction.

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cleaner one. Place limits on the amount of carbon that polluters are allowed to emit. ,uild a clean energy economy by investing in e%cient energy technologies! industries! and approaches. )or eample! increasing in solar energy plants and decrease in thermal power generation. >educe tropical deforestation and its associated global warming emissions.)inally to conclude it is everybody responsibility to control the global warming to give better future to our net generation.?.@o you thin+ consumers should avoid over pac+aged products or is it the responsibility of producers8 ;@iscussion Essay</ matter of considerable controversy at present is the issue of whether it is the responsibility of consumers to avoid the over-pac+aged products. 6ome people maintain that the producers are the ones who should be held responsible for this matter. ,oth sides of this contentious issue will be put under scrutiny in this essay! and my opinion as to which holds more weight will be given. To begin with! " will now consider what " hold to be the causes of this phenomenon. Pac+aging ensures that people can buy and use products when they want them! in good condition and with little wastage. owever! it is undeniable that some goods have too much pac+aging. Moreover! the pac+aged goods industry is highly competitive! and pac+aging manufacturers are under pressure to come up with new and better pac+aging solutions to compete in their mar+et. The more resources the pac+aging needs! the higher the cost of the products and eventually! consumers will have to bear that etra cost.)rom consumers& perspective! the pac+aging does not really matter for most buyers as what they care about is the Auality and the price of the products. )rom a personal eperience! " am not really concerned how the pac+aging actually loo+s as long as the item that " am purchasing is what " need. "n addition! it is worth pointing out that the pac+aging will be a waste of money and investment no matter how good or how thic+ it isif the Auality of the product does not meet the reAuirement of the consumers. Ta+ing these points into consideration! from a personal perspective! " am inclined to believe that manufacturers are more responsible to avoid over-pac+aging the goods as it would be wasting the consumers& money for no practical bene$ts. B.Many people thin+ that regions a:ect successful person. 0hat is your opinion about native region and accomplished person&s inuence on the region he belongsto0hether one's success is very much dependent on his or her native regions is a debatable topic. This essay will epress complete disagreement with this statement and will o:er reasons for this viewpoint. To begin with! a variety of reasons can be o:ered to eplain why " am not in favour of this. )oremost among these! " believe that achieving success in life depends on many factors such as determination! discipline! clear visions of your goals and ambitions! motivation and most importantly hard wor+. Moreover! support from friends and family around you would also play an important part in your ourney to success. /lthough there is no doubt that being in a good and cohesive environment is bene$cial! a person who is disciplined and determined to achieve his goals will $nd ways to his success no matter where they are.

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