3m Canada Industrial Business Division Case Study

Employer Background

IndustryTechnology Manufacturing
Established in Canada1951
Publicly tradedyes
Parent company3M Company
Parent company head officeSt. Paul, MN, United States
Major Canadian hiring locationsLondon ON, Perth ON, Brockville ON, Ottawa ON, Toronto ON, Morden MB, Montréal QC, Regina SK, Edmonton AB, Calgary AB, Vancouver BC, Saskatoon SK, Milton ON
Full-time employees in Canada1,944
Part-time employees in Canada14
Full-time employees worldwide89,666
Workforce engaged on a contract basis20%
Average age of employees in Canada46
Longest serving employee45 years

Physical WorkplaceRating: A+

Commuter amenities online car-pool sign-up, free parking
Workplace featureshead office (3M Tartan Place) was recently renovated to include a collaborative open office environment, with flexible work spaces and access to natural lighting, the nearby London manufacturing site features an impressive park that employees can book for personal events (features two baseball diamonds, soccer field, putting green, tennis court, playground and a clubhouse with kitchen, showers and outdoor barbecues), head office also includes a religious observance room, self-serve lunchroom, outdoor patio
Employee lounge amenitiescomfortable seating, fireplace, television, table tennis, magazines and newspapers, vendor space for local artisans and merchants, kitchenettes on every floor (featuring single-serve coffee makers and Starbucks coffee), rooftop patio, small private rooms for telephone conversations on each floor
Onsite fitness facilityfor employees only, free membership, treadmills, stationary bikes, stairmasters, instructor-led classes (boot camp), rowing machines, weights, shower facilities, televisions
Other nearby amenitiesYMCA, Argyle Arena, fitness club, Kiwanis Park, River Road Park, daycare, restaurants, shopping mall, onsite car-rental service, 3 golf courses, close to London's international airport and situated within a 50-acre wooded site that features mature trees and walking trails where foxes, rabbits, squirrels and deer may be spotted

Work Atmosphere & CommunicationsRating: A+

Employee social committee name3M Club (est. 1972)
Recent social eventsspecial dress-up day (such as favourite hockey sweater), annual holiday party prior to Christmas for employees (and a separate event for employees' children), a summer family picnic in June, awards celebrations, multi-cultural pot-luck lunches, and a Food Truck day with multiple food truck vendors onsite for a subsidized lunch
Cultural aspectsemployee sports teams, business casual dress, casual dress Fridays, music while working
Employee communicationsintranet site, traditional/email suggestion box

Financial Benefits & CompensationRating: A

Outside salary surveysparticipates in outside salary surveys every 12 months
Employee salary reviews individual salaries are reviewed every 12 months
Long-term savingsdefined-contribution (DC) pension
Long-term planningretirement planning assistance, phased-in retirement work options, life & disability insurance

Health & Family-Friendly BenefitsRating: A

Health plan noteemployer_short_name has multiple employee groups, health plans may vary by position
Flexible coveragehealth plan is flexible with adjustable premiums and coverage levels
Minimum hours worked for coverage16 hours per week
Waiting periodthere is no waiting period for coverage
Family coverage optionyes
Traditional coverage (e.g. prescription drugs)yes
Additional coverageemployee assistance (EAP) plan, physiotherapy, medical travel insurance, medical equipment and supplies, massage therapy, podiatrist, osteopathy, chiropractor, alternative coverage (e.g. accupuncture, naturopathy)
Family-friendly benefits noteemployer_short_name has multiple employee groups, family-friendly policies may vary by position
Additional family-friendly benefitsacademic scholarships of up to $2,500 per child
Alternative work optionsflexible work hours, shortened work week (fewer hours with less pay), compressed work week, telecommuting

Vacation & Personal Time-OffRating: B

Vacation noteemployer_short_name has multiple employee groups, vacation policies may vary by position
Vacation jump vacation increases after 10 years of employment
Maximum vacation allowanceemployees move to a maximum of 5 weeks of vacation over their career
Previous experienceconsiders previous work experience when setting annual vacation for new employees
Paid holiday shutdownduring the Christmas to New Year's holiday break, employees receive an additional 3 days off
Unpaid leave maximum 1 month
Additional time-off informationunionized employees (10% of the workforce) start with 2 weeks of paid vacation, moving to 3 weeks after 3 years

Employee Engagement & PerformanceRating: B+

Employee performance reviewsemployees receive individual performance reviews every 12 months
Managers receive performance review trainingyes
Exit interviewexit interview option is available for departing employees
Performance recognitionon-the-spot rewards, peer-to-peer recognition awards, long-service awards, sales award for top performers (includes a paid trip for two), performance awards for business personnel (Star of the Q) and management employees (Leaders of the Q), annual awards gala for longstanding employees
In-house survey periodin-house surveys are conducted every 12 months
Outside survey periodoutside consultant surveys are held every 36 months

Training & Skills DevelopmentRating: A

Career planning in-house career planning services
In-house training initiatives apprenticeship/skilled trades programs, mentoring, in-house training, online training, leadership training, paid internships, subsidies for professional accreditation
Related tuition subsidiesemployer covers up to 100% of tuition per year
Unrelated tuition subsidiesemployer covers up to 100% of tuition per year for courses unrelated to current position
Unique training & development programseducational leaves of absence (up to 2 full school years), formal succession planning program to link new employees with those nearing retirement

Community InvolvementRating: A+

Scope of charitable involvementlocal, national
Employee charitable involvementemployees are involved in selection of charities, employees receive paid time off to volunteer, (up to 2 paid days)
Total employee volunteer hours (on company time)over 1,650 hours last year
Total number of charities supported last yearapproximately 1,131 charitable and community organizations were supported last year
Some of the community organizations supported Let's Talk Science, Learning for a Sustainable Future, the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Enactus Canada, Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (includes teacher and student fellowships), YMCA Women of Excellence Awards, the Grand Theatre, Fanshawe College, Western University, and the United Way of London and Middlesex
Charitable givingmatches employee donations
Community highlight3M Canada's charitable program (called 3MGives) is part of the company's international program that follows the mission to "improve every life through innovative giving" in areas of education, community support and the environment. In Canada, the company enlists employee and customer feedback in the development of its charitable program, supporting a cross-functional team of employees who meet quarterly through the formal Charitable Giving Committee.
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Product details

Senior management at 3M Canada's Industrial Business Division (IBD), which manufactures abrasive and adhesive products, faces a dilemma. In the light of a 2006 directive from corporate headquarters, which calls for top line growth, IBD has a goal of essentially tripling its annual rate of sales gain from its current level of three to four per cent to 10 per cent within two years. In IBD's markets, 3M as a product-driven company with strong research and development focus, has historically concentrated on original equipment manufacturers and specialty distributors, but a new channel to market has emerged. Several national distributors of items used in general repair and maintenance are growing at a rapid pace. If 3M Canada wants to participate in the growth, it must seriously reconsider how it goes to market, particularly in sales and logistics. Dealing with this situation demands analysis of the requirements of the new channel, and an assessment of fit with IBD's capabilities and strengths. Significant changes will be necessary for IBD if it is to gain and sustain business in the emergent segment.
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