Simon Conrad Head Teacher Personal Statement


NameJob TitlePhoneCampusRoom
Abell, DonnaProfessor, Library ll(270)686-4575MNLRC104
Alschbach, MatthewAssistant Professor, History(270)852-8637MNT122
Ash, AngelaAssociate Professor, History(270)686-4505MNT114
Ashley, DavidDirector of External Education Programs - Workforce DT 
Ashley, DorritaAdministrative Assistant I - M&O(270)686-4652MNM&O
Ashley, JermaineMaintenance Worker MNM&O
Autry, DeanAssoc Dean of Academic Affairs(270)686-4464MNATC211F
Bailes, SteveProfessor, Computer Aided Drafting(270)686-4465MNATC211D
Baker, MarshaAdult Education Specialist ll(270)686-4454DT 
Barnes, RodneyMaintenance Worker MNM&O
Ballard, KatieProgram Facilitator TRAC(270)686-4529MNLRC206C
Basham, ZaraAssociate Professor, Surgical Technology(270)686-4650MNS116
Beardmore, KevinChief Student Affairs Officer(270)686-4504MNCC204
Bellwood, DebbiePayroll Specialist II(270)686-4470SE245
Bennett, AnnLibrary Specialist(270)686-4577MNLRC100
Bertke, StaceyAdministrative Assistant I - Arts and Sciences(270)686-4543MNA119
Blanco, AndrewInformation Technology Specialist - Helpdesk(270)686-4541MNATC113B
Boarman, KeithWorkforce Development Liaison(270)686-4440DT6
Booker, ConnieAssistant Professor, Mathematics(270)852-8605MNS126
Borregard, AndreaDirector of Financial Aid, Ph.D. (270)686-4521MNCC213
Bowlds, BarryAssociate Professor, Welding Technology(270)686-4406SE136
Bowlds, JoyInstitutional Effectiveness Specialist(270)852-8965MNCC105
Bowman, ChristiSenior Administrative Assistant - Workforce(270)686-4456DT2A
Boyd, MichaelProfessor, Business Technology(270)686-4584MNLRC213
Boyd, VickiProfessor, Communications(270)686-4447DTS2
Branham, MattProfessor, English(270)686-4582MNLRC209
Bridges, CourtneyAdministrative Assistant II - Financial Aid MN 
Brown, KayeAssociate Professor, English(270)686-4587MNLRC218
Bruner, MaryAdministrative Assistant - TRIO(270)686-4545MNLRC211
Bryenton, JohnTV Production Manager/Coordinator(270)686-4615DT21
Burns, BruceSecurity(270)316-7000SE SE222
Burns-Kirby, LisaSecurity(270)316-3111MN 
Calhoun, KarriWork and Learn Manager(270)852-8963DT4
Calhoun, LindaSenior Admissions Advisor(270)686-4473MNCC206
Canales, MikeAssociate Professor, Healthcare Facilities Leadership, Program Director(270)852-8142TCET205
Caplan, GeralynProfessor, Biology(270)686-4636MNS117
Clark, RobinInstructor, Medical Assisting(270)686-4600DT 
Collins, ShannonProfessor, English(270)686-4624MNH120
Conkright, LindaAdmissions Advisor(270)686-4591MNCC206
Conrad, PenniBusiness Affairs Specialist(270)852-8634MNA113
Crowe, RandyProfessor, Machine Tool Technology(270)686-4469MNATC211N
Curtis-Abuonk, VickieAssociate Professor, Mathematics(270)686-4637MNS118
DePasquale, DonnaAssistant Professor, Mathematics(270)686-4559MNS123
Dick, TimProfessor, Biology, Ph.D.(270)686-4635MNS115
Drane, TabithaInstructor - Nursing(270)686-4549MNAC107
Dukes, JanetStudent Affairs Assistant lll(270)686-4537MNCC100
Durr, MaryAdministrative Assistant I(270)686-4405MNATC102
Ebelhar, BethanyAssociate Professor, Nursing(270)686-4578MNAC100I
Edds-Ellis, StacyDean of Academic Affairs - Professional & Technical Studies, Ph.D.(270)686-4573MNA122
Edwards, MichelleAssociate Professor, Early Childhood Education, Ed.D.(270)686-4408MNAC110I
Ellis, ChristyRegistrar(270)686-4536MNCC100A
Embrey, JaniceCustodial Worker ll DTM&O
Fiorella, CindyChief Community, Workforce, Economic Development(270)686-4445DTS3
Ford, ConnieProfessor, Music, Ph.D.(270)686-4629MNH122
Free, KimMgr External Education Prog (270)686-4446DTS4
Freer, JoeMaintenance Technician(270)686-4653MNM&O
Gesser, ChadAssociate Professor, Sociology(270)686-4435MNT119
Gish, MistyAssociate Professor, Biology(270)686-4554MNAC110K
Glenn, BobProfessor, Communications, Ph.D.(270)686-4553MNLRC223
Glenn, JimProfessor, Business Technology, Ph.D.(270)686-4606MNT123
Gore, MikeProfessor, Machine Tool Technology(270)686-4468MNATC211L
Greer,LindseyProgram Facilitator - TRIO(270)852-8144MNLRC206B
Hale, BernieDirector of Public Relations/Marketing(270)686-4506MNA128
Hall, TheresaAssistant Professor, Nursing(270)686-4546MNAC100D
Hamilton,CassandraAssociate Professor, Education(270)686-4551MNAC110H
Hamilton, TeresaPart-time Student Affairs Specialist - Nursing MNAC100G
Hammonds, ScottAssociate Professor, Engineering Technology(270)686-4459MNATC211H
Haney, JohnInstructor/Program Coordinator - Agriculture(270)852-8601SESE224
Hartz, JimChief Information Tech Officer(270)686-4630MNLRC202
Head Jr, MontyAssistant Professor, Mathematics(270)686-4478MNATC211J
Helm, MontyProfessor, Art(270)686-4626MNH125
Hendricks, JeffSafety & Security Director(270)929-7704MNA112
Higdon, MartyAssistant Professor, Electrical Technology(270)686-4540MNATC211E
Hildenbrandt, DanAssoc. Professor, Communications(270)686-4625MNH121
Hodskins, Becky
Director of Program Facilitation - TRIO(270)686-4613 MNLRC211
Hoffman, KathyInterim Dept. Head, Associate Professor, Biology(270)686-4643MNT113
Hohiemer, VickieDirector of Human Resources(270)686-4512SE252
Holt, TraciBusiness Affairs Assistant III MN 
Hoover, MikeMaintenance Worker(270)315-8737SE107
Howard, JacquelineAssistant Professor, Vet Tech(270)686-4442DT23
Howard, PennyDivision Administrative Assistant - Arts and Sciences(270)686-4632MNLRC206
James, WalterAssistant Professor, Diesel Technology(270)686-4498SE113
Johnson, CharlesStudent Affairs Supervisor(270)686-4460MNCC102C
Johnson, ConnieAssociate Professor, Information Technology(270)686-4576MNT203
Johnson, JimProfessor, Spanish(270)686-4628MNH124
Johnston, CynthiaAdministrative Assistant I(270)686-4618SE242
Kafer, LindseyDir of Adult Education Services - SkillTrain(270)686-3781DT 
Kinney, MaryCoordinator of Academic Programs (270)686-4434MNLRC206D
Kobella, PeterAssociate Professor, Biology(270)686-4611MNS122
Lanham, TerriAssoc Dean of Academic Affairs, Nursing(270)686-4548MNAC100B
Lanham, MasonAssistant Director of Operations (Temp.) - Workforce DT 
Leach, EddieAssoc. Professor, Vet Tech, DVM(270)686-3780DT23
Leachman, AlittaStudent Affairs Supervisor - Adult Education(270)686-4454DT1
Ledford, JuliaAssoc Dean of Academic Affairs, Ph.D.(270)686-4627MNH123
Lee, SherryStaff Tutor I(270)686-4535MNTLC
Lewis, CourtAssistant Professor, Philosophy, Ph.D.(270)686-4621MNH110
Logsdon, RhondaAssociate Dean of Business Affairs(270)686-4619MNA101
Lovitt, BrentStudent Affairs Specialist(270)852-8979MNLRC205E
Lutzel, JohnAssociate Professor/Librarian ll(270)686-4574MNLRC103
Maltby, MarcDean of Academic Affairs- Arts and Sciences, Ph.D.(270)686-4544MNA120
Martin, DavidProfessor, Math /Chemistry(270)686-4597MNS203
McCrary, LaurenAssistant Professor, Administrative Office Technology(270)686-4593MNT124
McDonough, GretaProfessor, Human Services(270)686-4666MNT121
McGee, JenniferAssociate Professor, Nursing(270)686-4568

The  Local Governing body is a sub-committee of the Board of Directors of St Clere’s Co-operative Academy Trust and is constituted from the school’s stakeholders.  Members are drawn from the parents, staff, local community and St Clere’s Co-operative Academy Trust.  The Schools’ Co-operative Society, of which we are a member, also nominates a representative.

The term of office for Parent Governors is four years.  When there is a vacancy, all parents or carers of St Clere’s students are notified and given the opportunity to stand for election if they wish.  It is an opportunity for parents to share their skills and give insight into school matters from the parents’ perspective and as such they are a valuable addition to the Governing Body.

Should you wish to contact St Clere’s School Governors, please write to the Chair at the following address:

Mr John Baines, St Clere's School, Butts Lane, Stanford-le-Hope, SS17 0NW

St Clere's Local Governing Body 2017 - 2018

Parent Representatives
Ms Joanne Forkner
Mrs Anjie Gaywood
Mr Nigel Jones
Mrs Gill Miller
Mr Neil Speight
Staff Representatives:
Mrs Emily Duque    
Mrs Julie Lineham    
Ex-officio Representatives:
Mrs Ashlie Hughes (Head Teacher)    
Mr Paul Griffiths (CEO of St Clere's Cooperative Trust)    
Community Representatives:
Mr Gwynne Mack    
Mr Brian Martin 
Mr Brian Moss    
Mr John Baines (Chair)    
Mr Steve Smith    
Mrs Melody Williams    
Mr Derek Fawbert    
Mrs Phil Cozens (Vice-Chair)
Schools’ Co-operative Society Representative:
Mrs Shelagh Cosgrow    
Mr Jay Callender    
Ms Nicola Denniss    
Dr Damien Loneragan  

Governing Body Information, Attendance and Declaration of Interests


Personal Information and declaration of interests:

Contact our Chair of Governors

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