Us History Ii Honors Summer Assignment Meme


Unit 1: America: An Emerging World Power (1898-1919)                                                                   

Unit 2: The Roaring Twenties (1919-1929)                                             

Unit 3: The Great Depression and the New Deal (1928-1941)               

Unit 4: The World War II Era (1922-1945)                                 

Unit 5: The Cold War (1945-1991)                                              

Unit 6: America’s Consensus Culture (1945-1963)                     

Unit 7: Civil Rights and Social Reform (1945-Present)           

Unit 8: The Age of Conservatism (1964-1992)                   

Unit 9: From 11/9 to 9/11: Between the Cold War and the War on Terror (1989-2001)



Summer Assignment: All AP and Honors courses require the completion of a summer assignment. You are invited to review a previous year's summer assignment for US II Honors. US II Honors Assignment

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The completion of this survey will act as the student's application for this course. This application is strongly recommended when considering open enrollment for this course.  In completing this online application, the student will be exposed to sample multiple-choice questions, short reading passages and/or critical thinking questions. These questions are intended to give the student and his or her family a representative understanding of the types of questions he or she will experience during the school year. By faithfully completing these survey questions, the student will be given feedback on the likelihood of success in the course.


Сьюзан услышала стук «беретты», выпавшей из руки Стратмора. На мгновение она словно приросла к месту, не зная, куда бежать и что делать. Интуиция подсказывала ей спасаться бегством, но у нее не было пароля от двери лифта.

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