Self-Help Is The Best Help Essay

This is one of the best moral stories for students. Once upon a time, there lived an honest cart driver in a small village. He belonged to a poor family but he always worked hard no matter what. He used to carry heavy loads on his cart every day. Also, read Tit For Tat.

The cart driver was a true man and he used to do his work willingly. He had immense faith in the god. He never forgot to thank god for his well-being. He had faith and prayed to him every day.

Moral Stories For Students

One day, his cart’s wheel got stuck in the mud. Without putting any effort, he started complaining god. He started praying loudly, “Oh god, please help me!” God did not answer. Cart driver looking at the sky, said even more loudly, “God, aren’t you listening? Please help me!”

God liked the cart driver a lot. He spoke to him and said, “Put your shoulders to the wheels. Never pray to me for help until you have done your best to help yourself”. The cart driver tried to take his cart out of the mud. He tried and tried. He finally got success. You may also like, The Crow And The Peacock Story.


Here is a visual depiction of one of the best moral stories for students“Self Help Is The Best Help”. See the video story below,

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Self-help is the Best Help.

Self-help is the Best Help.

We must at all times try to help ourselves and not wait for others to come to our aid When we put in our best efforts, we can be rest assured that our problems will be surely solved through some good persons or external forces. Instead, if we are lazy and expect others to understand our problems or come to our aid, we will never overcome our obstacles.

Suresh was a final year student of Engineering who was exceptionally brilliant in academics. He was a scholarship student since his parents who were tailors could not afford to pay for his studies. Suresh also did part time jobs. He saved money and thus earned for his higher studies. He worked as a pizza delivery boy in the evenings.

One day he was delivering pizzas to the inmates of a huge bungalow when there was a power failure. Confusion prevailed and Suresh offered to check the fuse since he suspected a problem there. In a few minutes he had the fuse wire changed and the inmates of the house were very happy and thankful to him for setting things right. They struck a conversation with him and were surprised to find that he was an engineering student. He also told them that he was to receive a Gold medal for his academic performance at the convocation the following day.

The next day at the convocation Suresh was called to the stage to receive his medals. The Chief Guest who was a very prominent industrialist came to the mike and had this to say…. “I am very inspired by the motivation levels of this young boy. Despite so many constraints he has had the will to work hard and achieve excellence. He is a brilliant example of how youngsters should be. As a token of my appreciation I have decided that I will undertake all expenses for his higher studies abroad and encourage him in whatever he wants to pursue in future."

There was thunderous applause from the audience and Suresh’s parents were overjoyed on hearing this. It was only then that Suresh realized that he had delivered pizzas at the industrialist’s house the previous evening. The industrialist had listened to Suresh's conversation with his wife and it was a wonderful coincidence that he was to be the Chief Guest at the convocation function.

Someone came forward to help Suresh because helped himself in his studies by taking part time job.

Self-help is the Best Help.


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