Arranged Marriage Is Better Than Love Marriage Essay Sample

Topic: In some countries, marriages are arranged by the parents but in the other cases, people choose their own marriage partner. Discuss both systems.

Marriage is defined as a union between two or more people that established certain rights and obligations and is enormously affected by one's values, culture and tradition depending on which country you came from. This essay will tackle the issue on marriages planned by the parents or a third party commonly known as 'arranged marriages' and selecting your own spouse or what we call 'love marriages.'

Arranged marriages are common in royal and aristocratic families and roughly practiced in countries like India, Pakistan and China. In India for instance, decisions pertaining to marriage are taken by elders of the respective family with the intention of keeping the caste lines intact. Also in Pakistan, two families agree to marry their children while they are still infant, or even before they are born but the actual marriage takes place when the bride and groom are already in their late teens. In order for a family to arrange the marriage of their son, they must also have a daughter to be married in return. But in the case of China, the primacy of family negotiation and observance of traditional rules are more characteristic of arranged marriage. The groom's parents usually investigate the reputation and lineage of the bride's family. The bride's family takes the opportunity tO ask about the status and wealth of the groom's family to ensure that their daughter will be treated well.

However, if you belong to some Western countries and family with Western values, you might have a different perspective from that of arranged marriages. Chances are, first, you would think that love is the most important factor to consider when choosing a perspective spouse. Second, you would have individual autonomy. In other words, you have the option of choosing the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. Third, you would have an informed decision. Since you know your partner well on a personal level, you know what to expect then. And lastly, love. It unites two hearts and share every emotions and understand each other, as love conquers all.

In conclusion, marriages from around the world greatly varies and is mostly influenced by culture and traditions. Although arranged marriages may sound negative, for some it means living and preserving their heritage and passing on the tradition to the next future generation. So whether you go for arranged marriage or love marriage, both system requires trust and commitment which are essential for a relationship to work out.

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I think the below essay need minor correction which I have highlighted below. In my opinion instead of using connective like first , second and third, you can use connective likes Moreover, Furthermore, In addition to.. which will give more value to your essay. Other thing which i think that is missing is the essay structure. Frankly speaking while reading the above essay i thought someone has written some story. If you follow structure your essay will attract more attention. You can follow ''TEEE''.

One for Arranged marriage
Topic sentence
Example used connective word like For example, For instance, This can be illustrated by the below example...

One for Love marriage
Topic sentence
Example used connective word like For example, For instance, This can be illustrated by the below example...

If you are in favor in one of them , then add one more TEEE for that side. Suppose if you think
Love marriage is better than arranged marriage then add one more paragraph ...

One more for Love marriage
Topic sentence
Example used connective word like For example, For instance, This can be illustrated by the below example...

In conclusion is common word show different variety of word which will show you know different word and have command over English language.

To recapitulate or In nut shell or To summarize..

Provide your opinion clearly in conclusion especially in discussion type of essay...


One might wonder even when India is progressing, globalization is in the air, why Indians are still stuck to the concept of arranged marriages. While you may call them orthodox, conformist or traditional frogs who just cannot come out of their ponds and see the world, in reality it’s just the opposite. Yes, Indians are not idiots to follow the pattern of arranged marriages but smart-ass to trail it. Read on to know how …

Even now when a girl or a boy declares that they are in love and want to tie a knot with the boy or a girl of their preference, eyebrows are raised, “n” number of questions are asked and all of a sudden they are treated  as if they are some criminal. The reason? The very idea of “Love Marriage.”

It’s not that people in India are traditional, biased or highly prejudiced to neglect the idea of marrying of one’s own choice. However, how can they allow you to do it when they know the concept of “Arranged marriages” has drastic benefits against its competitor. Yes, Indians are way better calculator and they know arranged marriage is always a better deal.

Arranged Marriages: The Win-Win Situation

First and foremost, marriages arranged by parents and families are not all based on the whims of the young couple. The young raging hormones have no role to play here. So, there is no impulsive marriages and thereby no dreadful divorces. This is the main reason, why statistics show the divorce rate of 1.1% in India and nearly 50% in western countries like America. Arranged marriages definitely last longer

Arranged marriages are more stable. When the marriages are arranged, it is not just a union of the perspective bride and groom but the tie-up of two families. While the girl’s looks are important her character is even more significant as she is being judged not only as a perspective bride but a perspective daughter-in-law.  Here, the pair is agreed upon by either of the family. So, even if in later stages, there arises any sort of problem, the families become the support system. The couple can rely on the two families, making arranged marriages definitely more stable than the marriages made by choice.

If you think couple in arranged marriages are incompatible whereas couples in marriages made by choice is more compatible, then think again. Couple in arranged marriages would be more compatible because they are of the same culture, practice same religion and have many things in common. There would be no question of distinctive beliefs contradicting or clashes in the form of religion/culture/language differences.

Financial security

Although, you might say money doesn’t matter but when it comes to marriage and sustaining it, financial security plays an important role. While your lover may or may not be adequate enough to run the house smoothly post marriage, the groom in arranged marriage would definitely have the potential to take care of all your needs and requirements.

Every family wants their daughter to be settled fairly and no one wants to take any chance. Arranged marriage is a safer bet. Through arranged marriages one can easily hope to achieve all the bliss, post marriage. Besides, in contemporary Indian arranged marriages, the would be couple are also given the liberty as well as freedom to know their partner as much as they can, post the marriage announcement.

On the contrary, love marriage may or may not last but arranged marriages have the potential to last longer. Being highly stable, it can fight against all odds. What’s more, you never hurt the feelings of your elders and have a solid support system from them for time eternal.

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