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3. Re: Best time of the year to visit for photography excursion?

Hi there, glad to hear you are thinking of visiting . I’d suggest early May to July might suit best for wildlife, long days, walking and photo opportunities.

By May our breeding seabirds are back on the cliffs and moorland, so from then on you can easily get up close and personal to puffins, gannets and many more! Try a visit to Noss National Nature Reserve… Uninhabited, apart from 2 reserve wardens who live there for 6 months, you’ll get plenty of friendly advice on where to walk and get the best possible photos of puffins, gannets, ‘bonxies’ (great skua) – and if you are lucky, otters and maybe even killer whales. June and July are great not only for the wildlife and long days, but also because theres lots going on – have a look at for a flavour of what happens at 60 degrees north! The days start to get noticeably shorter in August, and many of the seabirds start to leave the cliffs. September can be good weather-wise, but I find October a bit unpredictable. Nov - Feb/March is a great time to visit for big, wild seascapes, Up Helly Aa in January - and always warm hospitality.

For suggestions on walking – go to All the information you need to put together your walking itinerary is there. Do check out the ‘walking operators’ tab (awful title!) and consider taking at least one guided walk. You’ll get unsurpassed local knowledge as well as the company of locals who will be delighted to meet you. The Shetland Field Studies Group walks are fortnightly (alternating Sat/Sun) – organised and led by enthusiastic volunteers, the walks are often accompanied by a ‘local expert’ on the locality, or its nature, archaeology, geology, culture, history etc. A great way to spend a day. Call the tourist office, or PM me if you would like this years programme.

Eleanor has mentioned the Burland croft on Trondra, which is a great place to get close to some of the Shetland breeds of farm animal – and on a traditional croft (there aren’t many farms in the conventional sense here). But you will see animals everywhere on your walks, and very often you can get close to them. Please check out the Scottish Access Code especially for the advice on walking on croftland. Lambing is late in Shetland, so if you visit in May you are quite likely to come across newborn lambs on your walks. If you are particularly interested in farm animals, check out the native Shetland cattle – a ‘rare breed’ that’s fortunately being seen more these days.

Getting around the Isles without a car (assuming you don’t want to hire a bicycle!) can be a bit limiting. The bus services are not particularly frequent on most routes, so do check timetables very carefully, and check again with the driver. Most, but not all, service buses are operated by Leasks. A taxi from the airport will not be cheap – I advise visiting colleagues to have at least £30 cash with them. But check the Sumburgh to Lerwick timetable carefully – it might be possible to get the bus (takes about an hour to town) if you don’t mind a bit of a wait.

I hope you can come for longer than 3-4 days, but if that’s all the time you have visit for inspiration on how best to spend your time.

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28e. Island of Bressay (2)

Exploring and Walking on Bressay

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(i) Walking to the top of Ord Cliffs

There is parking by the lighthouse entrance.

You just head south along the cliffs, keeping a good distance from the edge.




The sea arch by the Bressay lighthouse.



Lerwick in the distance.


The view east from near top of Ord


top of Ord


The top of Ord Cliffs from a boat on Bressay Sound.


A misty view of the island of Ness.


The tallest hill on Bressay with the radio/TV masts.






(ii) The Island of Noss

The road to Noss at Mail.






There is an occasional ferry to Ness, which is a National Nature Reserve.




Wide view of Noss.




Deserted croft.





Some evidence of ancient standing stones and field walls ?



The departure point for the Noss ferry.

(iii) Walking from Setter to ? Church Con..







































(iv) The Road to Heogan?

















(v) Standing Stone on ??













(vi) Examples of other walks we didn't get round to


Views of Bressay from the NorthLink ferry




Ord Cliff








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