Dq Group Assignment Rubric

In answer to Debbie's questions as to why students post the individual assignment in the place of the group's assignment, it has never been because of strife.  It has always been because they have not read the instructions.  They claim they have never heard of a CLC assignment, claim the instructions were not clear, claim they did not see the announcement etc...  I teach only 400, 500, and 600 level classes so I find it hard to imagine that they have made it that far in the GCU program of student without coming across a CLC assignment.  Obviously it really is due to a lack of reading instructions, announcement, emails and forum posts.  As Mark said, we can utilize every mode of communication short of knocking on the door and some just don't respond until they see a failing grade and then come the excuses.

Other posters have hit the nail on the head, the students don't read the materials and then they make excuses.  Years ago instructors used to have a student view feature but that has now gone away.  I used to go in and see what the student could see so when I posted an announcement, I could see how it looked to the student and where it was.  That way when they claimed the did not see it or did not get a message that an assignment was reassigned, I could verify their story.  Now it seems only the tech support people can see that view and when they receive a complaint call from a student about not knowing about something, they don't always like to tell the student, "You really need to read the announcements," or "You need to check the individual forum each day in the view all mode."  The tech support people don't want a bad review from the student afterward so unfortunately the system forces them to enable to students in a negative manner.

I totally understand where the tech support people are coming from because when I take steps to hold a student accountable, there is a call from the student complaining and then I end up dealing with a faculty adviser who often questions my actions and tends to find something I could have done in order for the student to receive a more positive outcome. -So, I'll then receive a directive from a supervisor  that may or not be appropriate (from my perspective) and the negative behavior on the part of the student is reinforced.   Unfortunately with a system like this, things like this can happen and that is the reality and I accept it but my degree is in administration and leadership and I have been a public school leader for over 20 years and I know the importance of supporting the teachers and holding students accountable if you really want to have a top notch learning environment.

Cherri-  After you fill out the CLC rubric, you can go in and adjust point in the specific point box but you cannot fill out a separate rubric for each student.  What I do is explain in the comment box the specific areas where they earned less.  This is the same process I use for a late assignment.  I fill out the rubric where the student earns say, 50 points.  Then in the comment box I will write "10% Late Penalty Assessed" and erase the 50 in the points box and enter 45.

Some final thoughts-  I have read the complaint about not being able to reassign CLC assignments in this forum previously.  Hopefully it will be changed this time.  Then the next issue is that students almost always claim they don't get the message the something has been reassigned.  I have made it a habit of reassigning the assignment that needs fixing, posting a message explaining the required fix in the reassignment box, and posting the same message in the individual folder stating, "John, I reassigned your module 7 essay with the following reassignment instructions..."  (Then I repeat the instructions).  Most of the time there is still no response until I go in and enter the zero grade.  Then they respond!

Things like what I've explained above take up precious time and small fixes in the technology could really help instructors and students to spend the time on the learning instead of the excuses and loopholes.  Thank you for reading as I am passionate about helping to make this system better.  -Dave

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