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RCS Builders and Art Anchando did a fantastic job on-time and on budget to the contract. Our project was not a simple remodel but a complete tear down of half the house and adding a new kitchen area and attached in-law house. The owner/builder, Art Anchando, was very helpful in the beginning to give us an outline on how the process of design, permits, and construction would look like. First, he recommended a great architect that took our ideas and transformed them into a solid vision that satisfied both our budget and long term goals. With the blueprints and structural engineering complete, Art was able to give us a detailed quote. I put his quote up against local builders from my area and his build sheet was the most accurate and competitive. After we got our city permits, Art was onsite from day one. It's hard to put into words the care and precision he placed on getting everything right from the beginning. Each step of the way, from the foundation to the flooring, walls to the electrical was done with a lot of insight and craftsmanship. During my inspection of his work, I found everything done with care and no cutting corners. All of our city inspections went smoothly and met code requirements. I was able to watch some of the major parts of the construction effort. The subcontractors that RCS brought in were professional and did an outstanding job. It's important to have trust when you invite complete strangers into your home during a large project like ours. I consider Art and the crew from RCS to be artisans in home building. They are not a large construction company with hundreds of workers and I am glad they are not. The quality and experience of the team who build our home can be seen every morning when I walk into our new kitchen area. If you want a craftsman to work on your project, you should hire Art. If you want someone to show you fancy 3D plans and talk about how good it will look, you might hire someone else but you will be disappointed. Art Anchando and RCS Construction gets and A+ !

RCS Builders will DEFINITELY be hired again for future projects!! It's unfortunate a previous client was dissatisfied because we were mostly happy with Art and his team's work. They just finished completely gutting and re-doing our kitchen. After consulting with 6 different general contractors, Art not only gave a reasonable and competitive quote, he also broke it down line by line, so that we could see what everything costs, and customize. He didn't hide his profits within each item, rather put it in as a separate line item so we knew exactly what we were paying. We greatly appreciated that. -communication was ample and appropriate, didn't give unsolicited advice but gave great suggestions when asked -cabinet assembly was perfectly aligned -finished project within a reasonable time, even given unforeseen hitches that were not their fault -attention to detail -doesn't leave job hanging, comes back to finish every detail (sadly that's not a given these days anymore) Very satisfied customer and I LOVE my new kitchen! (See pics!)

RCR builders was formerly AKA Construction. At least Art Anchando was AKA Construction. Art not only managed to fail inspections due to his horrific work, but also walked off with quite a bit of our hard earned money. He didn't pay the subcontractors after we paid him. We ended up paying them separately to keep lien's off our property. After winning a lawsuit for damages as well as money owed, Art walked away declaring bankruptcy. To use RCR Construction, specifically Art Anchondo, is to risk losing everything you have worked so hard for you and your family. Move on. There are plenty of good contractors and not worth the pain and suffering. If you need more details feel free to look up public records of the lawsuit. Just sad

We just finished phase II of remodeling our home with RCS Builders. Phase I was kitchen, guest bath, laundry room and some other minor things of our newly purchased home. Phase I went so well, approximately 1 year later, we started phase II which was master bedroom and master bathroom. The whole project went smoothly. His subcontractors were responsive and trustworthy. Art from RCS is also very responsive and communicates via email, text, and phone, which is great for busy people. Now, the real test of any contractor is how to respond when things don't go exactly as planned. As anyone knows, when remodeling, sometimes unforseen things come up. Luckily, with RCS, these are kept to minimum. But, when they do, his communication is very good and he explains what needs to be done and any options we have. He also tries to keep costs to minimum, but provides excellent work. Everything we have done still looks like the day it was installed. I would refer Art to anyone. He is honest, trust-worthy, hard working, knowledgeable, and friendly. He uses quality subs and his work is very detailed.

Art from RCS Builders and his crew of top-notch sub- contractors just finished construction on our new outdoor pavilion and we couldn't be more pleased. His keen design sense and eye for detail were invaluable in getting the design right and the pavilion to look absolutely fantastic. He was creative with his solutions, insightful with his opinions, and invaluable as a guide for this project. Throughout the project, Art stayed in constant communication with us and kept us informed of the work to be done and what to expect each day. He and his crew also kept the jobsite as tidy as could be, cleaning up at the end of each day. He's respectful, courteous, and sociable, but respected our time and kept the project on track and on time. As the general contractor, he was on-site to oversee the crews and works as hard as anyone I have met. Most importantly, Art did his best to ensure that any problems or issues that came up during the project were dealt with and resolved to our satisfaction, quickly and professionally. Art takes great pride in his work and it shows. The small details are important to Art and it really made a difference in the finished product. Unlike other contractors we've dealt with, Art is very clear with his pricing and proposal upfront so you know exactly what you're paying for and there are no surprises. We highly recommend Art and intend to have him work on our next renovation as well.

I saw RCS builders at Jim's duplex across the street. They seemed to be doing a good job. I asked Art if he could do the bathrooms in my half of the duplex. Three weeks later, I have two completely replaced bathrooms. The inspection passed. Art communicates well and regularly. Going to the bathroom is now a pleasure. Thanks, Art! Update: February 2017 The long time renters moved out. Art and team remodeled the rental unit in my duplex. New kitchen; cabinets, counter tops, appliances and two bathrooms, flooring, closets, doors etc. Very satisfied with the work.

On July 9, 2013 RCS Builders (Art Anchondo) made a verbal agreement with us to do a repair in a commercial property we own in Campbell, CA. For business reasons, it was very important to have that repair done in the summer. This was our first experience ever with GCs and he promised to make everything easy an clear. The first bad sign was that despite several requests to put the agreement in writing, he kept postponing. in good faith, we proceeded along his suggestions to immediately have him get plans and permits while waiting for the contract in writing. Every time we would ask he was telling us "I will do it tonight or tomorrow". On July 25th, he told us that permits are ready and he is ready to start working on site. I told him that unless he puts the contract in place in writing we cannot start. Finally a week later at 12:30AM he sent an excel spreadsheet. The verbal agreement was $35K-$45K, to our amazement the contract in writing was for $62,000. Somehow, this was just a few hours before our summer vacation, that he was well aware of. The next week, while on holiday we tried over e-mail and phone communication to have him explain but he would not. I finally concluded that this was his tactic to win the business first low bidding and then trap us since we had already spent all this time and needed the project done in the summer. He refused to lower the price to what we had agreed or to $50K that I counter offered and abandoned the project blaming us for the fall out. Then he asked for incurred expenses. He had been paid 50% of those but he wanted the whole amount letting us shoulder all the expenses of the fallout. I told him that I will pay him the remainder, only if I can use such work to complete the project. He abruptly stopped talking to us and a month later he sued in small claims court for $2,500. He refused every request to communicate and settle the case out of court, and did not even show up in the first trial, further wasting our time. Then he sued again, but came unprepared and the trial would have been postponed. Fortunately, the judge "forced" him to talk to us and we settled for a smaller amount to stop wasting our time.

We recently worked with RCS to remodel the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room of our old Victorian home. They did a wonderful job. Art is very easy to work with and very good at communication! Every morning we would get an email or text informing us of the daily schedule and work expected to be completed. We had to move up our move in date, and they were able to finish the project early! The whole team is very professional. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to remodel.

On a visit to a kitchen showroom my wife discovered a clearance sale on a complete kitchen ensemble. Caught up by the great savings she purchased one of the "clearanced kitchens" and had it delivered in its entirety to our home where we stored it in the garage until installation. I do not recommend this as a 1st step in remodeling, however Art Anchondo, with RCS Builders, not only jumped in and made it all work but he recommended design ideas and coordinated/supervised all necessary vendors to complete the project. His eye for detail and knowledge of products and vendors is amazing. Art understands the parameters of budget and time and clearly knows how to give you the biggest bang for your buck. Art offers suggestions and alternatives at each step and there are never any surprises. We were so thrilled with our kitchen remodel we were inspired to build an outdoor solarium and turned a dated family room into a modern great room with bar, recessed big screen, granite fireplace, and a custom coffered ceiling and lighting. Art is not only knowledgeable, competent, professional and friendly, but he understands how to work around a family living environment. He was empathetic and conscientious of my wife's needs and left each day with everything put away and clean. Our friends have related horror stories about contractors in there home and the stress it put on the whole family. Our experience has been nothing but positive and we are so delighted with everything Art has done. Most importantly, we trust him and could not recommend him highly enough.

We have worked with RCS on several projects before and after we moved into our home. Art was very professional and always came across as knowledgeable and trustworthy. He communicated clearly and frequently with us during each job. He presented credible alternatives at the beginning of each project, and he always kept us informed about the progress of the work. He was very flexible when it came to tight deadlines, and he handled potential issues with professionalism and a customer focused mentality. I would work with him again and I highly recommend him to others.


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My "gut job" renovation project in Menlo Park finished in time and under budget. FT Construction delivered stellar result both in terms of customer service and quality of work. They are small enough to have flexibility with unknown issues (such as delay caused by delivering the wrong kind of materials, in my case wrong windows were delivered which cost a delay of three weeks) and large enough to have full-time staff on payroll. They were responsive and solution oriented. I recommend using FT Construction for your next construction project.

I'm defenitely a fan, the crew is polite, timely and know what they're doing

I used this company for another project and was very satisfied with their work. The crew were friendly and did what they were supposed to do to finish to my expectations.

We had FT Construction for a couple of projects in our house and we couldn't be happier about the work they did. The team is very professional and extremely trustworthy. Since my wife and I both had to go to work in the mornings, we would leave the house to the team without any worries and we would come back when they were gone. The attention that they give to the details is remarkable and they definitely did the jobs exactly according to what our designs were. Even after the job is done, if something is not exactly to your likings they change it the way you want them, which is great! The kind of customer service before, during and after each of the projects was exactly what we wanted which gave us a lot peace of mind.

I have used FT Constructions in 3 projects: my main residence in San Jose, my former investment property in San Jose and a new investment property in Daly City. In all those cases, I found the service to be excellent, flexible and accommodating to my needs. FT Construction took the initiative to find ways to save the cost of repairs. My investment home in San Jose was trashed by the former tenants and in need to very fast repair before selling while the market was hot. I was not disappointed at all. Recommend this company and its principal owner to all who need to avoid the bad experiences of dealing with questionable contractors and handymen.

I worked with FTconstructio to renovate my house and I am happy with their work. I interviewed several contractors and visited their projects beforehand and finally I decided to choose FT for good price and great quality. I rented a place for 6 weeks to get the job done and I always were worried if they could finish the job on time and they did. The other good thing was that they were open to my new ideas. After I moved into the house I found some minors and when I asked them, they fixed it fast and without any extra cost. I feel like they have garanteed their work and its quality. I recommended them to some of my friends are they are satisfied with FTconstruction quality of work as well.

We were refer to work with Fred the manager of FT Const. and was very pleased with their job that the whole crew did for us - we had a electrical and some minor construction work in regards to front of the house (postal system) and they were open to new ideas and delivered.

These guys are awesome. They are fast, professional, with inexpensive price. They remodeled two full bath, changed all doors, put recceced light, and paint the ceiling just in five days. They also did some extra work for me for free. You won't be regret if work with them.

Very prompt and did beautiful work. Listened to what we wanted and also able to give advice to make it better. We will be calling them back in the future to more work on our house!

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