Is College For Everyone Analytical Essay

Pharinet's Is College for Everyone Analysis

Ali Abu-Khraybeh
Ms. Baker
English 1020
23 September 2013

Rhetorical Analysis Final Draft: Pharinet

"Is College for Everyone?" This inquiry that college professor Pharinet poses in the title of her blog entry seems to be prevalent in society today. Many argue that a college degree plays a crucial role in the success and well being of not only an individual but also a nation as a whole. However, many others believe that higher education can be a waste of time and money for some. With her appeals to logic, use of rhetorical questions and many other effective rhetorical strategies throughout her posting, Pharinet speaks to the entire nation and makes a straightforward claim that not ...
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begin college never graduate," she does support her claim (635). Why would one begin college and not finish? Clearly he or she should not have started in the first place.
In the third paragraph of her posting, Pharinet discusses the financial problems that many students face simply attending just one semester of college. To keep up with the financial responsibility of subsidizing college debt, most students have to work. Regarding full-time students who go to work full-time, Pharinet says, "While it may take a while longer to graduate, many students who find themselves in a position where they must work may do better to drop themselves to part-time student status, taking fewer classes" (635). By giving this logical and helpful piece of advice, she shows, as stated before, that she is not against the idea of higher education. Instead, she gives an alternative to this type of student, which in turn could take a load of pressure off of him or her mentally, physically, and ...

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Is college For Everyone Essays

656 WordsNov 23rd, 20133 Pages

Allessandra Lancaster
November 6, 2013
Arnold Clay
Is College for Everyone?: Comparative Rhetorical Analysis
Since the first GI Bill was passed after World War II universities have been steadily increasing. Currently there are more than 4000 college like institutions in the United States. Public policy has been making higher education more reachable for example by creating federal student loan programs so everyone has a chance to attend college. But recently we have seen the cost of a four year degree drastically increase because Americans are seeing college as an obligation. “On “Real Education”” Robert T. Perry argues that we need more university and community college graduates. “Is College for Everyone” Pharinet is…show more content…

Pharinet thinks that the most common issue with college is that students are not yet ready for the academic and financial challenges. He claims that students find themselves trying to work full time and do to school full time and before long students decide they need to work and drop their status to a part time student. Through the use of pathos Pharinet asks his readers to consider a very valid point, if college is for everyone then why do we rely on SAT scores and high school transcripts? And why doesn’t every school have an admissions policy? Then followed those questions with the answer that college is not for everyone. There is no real desire for learning. Individuals just go to college to earn a degree to settle down into a job with decent pay. Using pathos again Pharinet explains that when this kind of person enters the work force are they going to lack motivation in there career because of the only reason for wanting the career was for the money. When comparing these to essays, you can clearly see that there are two completely different beliefs. Robert believes that college is for everyone where Pharinet believes that college is not for everyone. Robert had a more persuasive argument because he established a good ethos, Robert uses facts and professional opinions to back his argument, whereas Pharinet uses his

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