Narrative Essay About Natural Disasters

Acts of God - Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are unique acts of God researchers find fascinating and mystifying at the same time. Tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes and hurricanes are just a few of nature’s elements known to destroy the way people live. Some have lost their lives trying to flee from them or they hit when you least expect them. Over the years experts have developed prevention plans to help people plan ahead for the worst. As technology has helped us learn more about how these catastrophes occur along with providing advanced warning in some cases, why is the level of complexity so high in understanding these types of disasters?

There are true believers of God that feel He has created such phenomenon for a reason most of us do not understand. Others wonder why God allows such things to happen. Natural disasters are known to create plenty of panic, fear and worry. They are larger than life and have so much power and fury. They are known to destroy towns, cities and way of living for millions of people. Before the technology advancements we know today, many of these disasters were difficult to detect and understand. Because they have such a significant impact on life on earth, understanding their existence has become more than just scientific study.

Tornadoes are powerful winds that circulate in the air and touch the ground. They are so powerful they toss vehicles like toys and tear rooftops off homes. Hurricanes are huge storms that form over ocean waters. They can have winds reaching well over 200 miles per hour and when strong enough they bring several thunderstorms, heavy downpours and flash flooding. Earthquakes happen when the ground shifts erratically. Certain parts of the world are more susceptible to experience them. As you look at each type of nature disaster it seems impossible to avoid one or the other.

The average person can only marvel at their existence and hope and pray they do not become victim of their wrath. While more money is invested for prevention and education, more continues to be lost as each disaster occurs. For those who have been fortunate enough to live and tell their tale of personal experience, they offer more insight even researchers find hard to comprehend. While thousands have lost their lives in the past, things seem to have improved as far as raising awareness of their capabilities. Will we truly understand their purpose or why they occur beyond what we know scientifically?

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters cause harmful effects when they occur. Natural disasters can be catastrophic. However, only effects of some natural disasters can be controlled. Effects of events like drought and famine and floods may be controllable through human efforts. This is however this does not mean that with efforts these disasters cannot occur. They can still occur. Natural disasters are as a result of natural processes. They can be said to be beyond human control. Catastrophic effects ofthe occurrence of natural disasters may destruct people from their normal ways of life. When disasters occur, disruption of activities for example farming may also occur. To restore the people back to their normal ways of life may become difficult. There is, however, the need for moral support for the people, financial assistance and provision and distribution of relief food to the people.

Effects of Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters on occurrence have diverse effects. Worst of all is that natural disasters such as tsunamis, drought and famine and also floods can cause death. Many lives have reportedly been lost after the occurrence of natural disasters. Any natural disaster that occurs causes shock among the residents. They keep worrying that such events can reoccur any time. Another significant effect of Natural Disasters is the displacement of people from their homes and usual locations. People have to migrate to areas where they feel safer. Others have to move as their homes and properties are destroyed. The area may also be declared dangerous and not fit for human settlement and thus people have to move to other areas. Diseases such as cholera and typhoid may occur as a result of floods. People are thus likely to suffer adversely as such diseases spread fast in case of floods. Food insecurity and scarcity may also occur as a result of the destruction of stored food and food in farms. In the event of disasters like drought and famine, people have nothing on their farms to rely on. These among other effects are harmful to human beings. For this reasons, Natural Disasters are said to be catastrophic.

What to do after occurrence of Natural Disasters

After a Natural Disaster has occurred, the people in the area need moral support. It is also essential that they are provided with financial resources. Relief food donation and distribution to the people is also necessary. Most importantly, the people of the locality should be helped to relocate in case there is need to relocate from the area.

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